Bottega Veneta Intrecciato

One of the staples for Bottega Veneta is Intrecciato. Intrecciato is the technique of weaving the leather, which as all of you know is now synonymous with the company. We wanted to find out more information about the history of Intrecciato from Bottega Veneta, how did it become such a large part of the company today? Here is what we were told:

The history of how the intrecciato was created is actually very interesting. The technique was created by Bottega Veneta in the late 1960’s. Historically, the Veneto region specialized in producing ready-to-wear, not accessories. When Bottega Veneta began manufacturing, the sewing machines in the workshops were designed to work with cloth not leather. The artisans had to use super fine leather to get under the needle. The leather they used was then woven into the intrecciato pattern to make the material stronger and more durable for accessories.

Intrecciato is used across most Bottega Veneta categories. Certain lines feature intrecciato as a motif, for example the Murano glassware has an intrecciato pattern hand-etched on the bottom of each piece. The gold chains are hand-braided using a technique that is reminiscent of intrecciato but differs, obviously, because of the nature of the material. And on the china, the pattern is hand painted. The pattern is at the heart of the product but by no means defines or limits what we do.

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  • sunchicka

    Interesting history.

  • Amanda

    “The pattern is at the heart of the product but by no means defines or limits what we do.”

    ^^^Love this quote.

  • zaali

    Great history of BV “intrecciato”…

  • kroquet

    Love it and the china is gorgeous, as well as the placemats.

  • Anna

    This is a great history! Learning inside knowledge about things like this always make me have greater respect for the designer and their passion for what they do. Plus, this story is so unique! Who knew that the way to make the leather stronger would become such an icon?

  • jburgh

    Thanks for the history lesson. I truly adore this brand and enjoy learning bits about the company.

  • Liz G.

    Thanks, I enjoy hearing about all the history too.

  • Callie

    This is interesting. Didn’t know about their history.

  • Loquita

    Thanks for posting this! BV never fails to impress me, and I love learning about the history of design houses like this one.

  • Lucinda chye

    Thanks for the history. Saw this brown Bottega crocodile tote in Hong Kong! So exquisite and the skin is such a beauty. Simply can’t leave it behind. paid Singapore Dollars 26 thousand for it and brought it back home to Singapore.

  • Kendra

    I GET IT. So they weave. a lot. (fb)

  • akidd

    i wouldnt call it just weave…..each bag on its own is a work of art…each made with painstaking care and passion with the artisan’s very own hands

  • Mousse

    Loved reading this. Now I know how special my BVs are. What a heritage. (ipad)

  • Edouard

    I had the chance to visit the showroom of BV and the quality of leathers together with this intrecciato style push BV at the top of the luxury hierarchy