Bottega Veneta

Unveiling My New Bottega Veneta Cassette

In a really groovy color...

I recently turned to you all for help to pick a new summer bag, I had my eye on adding a green bag to my collection. I wound up going with a bag that I didn’t think I would pick, it was the least classic in color, and I already own this bag shape, but it fit within the gift card that I had to LuisaViaRoma, and I was highly intrigued by the colorway. So here it is, my new Bottega Veneta Cassette in metallic green – a color they call Chlorophyll.

Bottega Veneta Cassette Chlorophyll 2

So, let’s discuss this new bag, shall we? The Cassette is already a known design, a bag I have in my collection and wound up loving more than I initially thought I would. I like a bag that isn’t too big but also still spacious enough for my daily items, and the Cassette gets the job done. There is a movement toward more metallic bags right now, and I don’t really have many metallic bags – actually, I don’t have one. I do have a few clutches but no bags, and it felt like a really unexpected color combination that I’d love.

Bottega Veneta Cassette Chlorophyll 3

Details of my New Bottega Veneta Bag

The color is unlike anything I’ve seen on a bag, and in person, it really shines. It looks as if there is liquid under the leather that is in constant movement, giving the bag a different look from different angles, and it really catches the light beautifully. I wear a lot of single-colored clothing items, from my tops to my pants, and having something so unexpected in color when it comes to a bag is precisely why I love bags.

Bottega Veneta Cassette Chlorophyll 4

Bottega Veneta Cassette Chlorophyll 5

The bag’s interior is lined in dark suede, and the bag is made from 100% calf. It’s light and usable, with dimensions of 14cm H x 22.5cm W x 5cm D. The shoulder strap is adjustable, which is always a plus, and the front flap opens and closes easily with a magnetic closure. This bag is simplistic in design but immediately recognizable as a Bottega Veneta bag, and this color is entirely unique. I’m looking forward to finding different outfits to wear this bag with and am sure she will receive many comments.

If you want to be my bag twin, purchase for $2350 via LuisaViaRoma!


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  1. C L Avatar
    C L

    Beautiful and very Miami!

    1. psny15 Avatar

      How fun and i agree – very Miami 💚

  2. CassetteLover Avatar

    I love it! Enjoy! I just found the Cassette in a silver metallic called Anchor ( and am ordering it.

    1. PAMELA WALTER Avatar


    2. Angela Avatar


  3. spoiledinseattle Avatar

    Congrats on the new beauty!! I love that you chose this one, it’s such an eye-catcher!

  4. Olivia Penzey Avatar
    Olivia Penzey

    What a gorgeous color! Congrats, Megs.

  5. Sandy Avatar

    What an eye catching bag, it is beautiful!

  6. Jeanne Avatar

    Oooooooh! That’s nice.

  7. Nan Avatar

    They also have the mini Jodie in this color. 💚

  8. Miss_Mindy Avatar

    Very nice, I hope they bring out more colours in vibrant shades. The green is uber!!

  9. AEK Avatar


  10. Marianne Avatar

    I am not wowed in the least.

    1. Raven Espinosa Avatar
      Raven Espinosa

      Me neither, that bag looks like a hot mess.

      1. pam Avatar

        LOL y’all savages

  11. lulilu Avatar

    Green is my favorite color. I love this.

  12. Ree Avatar

    Unique color but i dont think i will use this color of a bag any other time than during dinner or night time and as a small bag or clutch.

  13. Melissa Avatar

    Wow, that bag is amazing! What does the leather feel like? Similar to patent?

  14. PAMELA WALTER Avatar


  15. Veronique Avatar

    Now this is my style of green! 🤩

  16. Cyn Avatar

    Am I the only one that thinks it looks like aluminum foil

  17. Deliah Boerleider Avatar
    Deliah Boerleider

    nice color but I wouldn’t buy it because with me it will just sit in the closet with just one use.

  18. Ciarra Avatar

    This bag is stunning! I have to see this in person. I have the padded cassette in Bottega green and I love it!

  19. Angela Avatar

    I love it! I have the chlorophyll in the mini pouch. Show stopper!! 💚

    1. Christina Avatar

      ooohh I didn’t know they did the mini pouch in this color. I’d only heard about the teen pouch and I would love a strap for the chlorophyll bag, so I was already considering the cassette.

      Ca$$ie’s mini jodie is also GORGEOUS.

      Wonderful color and leather. It’s said to be a wrinkled patent, and I love that

  20. Maureen Avatar

    I love that it’s different! The color is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

    Maureen |

  21. Shelby Avatar

    I really love the color!