Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Has Rubberized Some of Its Popular Bags

Looking to go for a dip with your bag? BV has you covered.

Bottega Veneta has been on an upward trajectory since the brand cleaned House back in 2018, bringing on new talent as parent company Kering aimed to modernize. Ever since, the storied Italian brand has been at the forefront of trends, and it’s arguable that when we look back at the 2020s, it will have been the decade of Bottega Veneta.

From cult favorite items like the Tire Boot, the Pouch, The Puddle Boot and the Jodie to an entire color trend inspired in large part by Bottega Green, the brand has contributed to many of today’s current trends.

Really Into…Rubber?

For the brand’s latest trick, the design team at Bottega Veneta has taken some of its most popular silhouettes and, well…rubberized them.

First introduced in 2019, one of the departed Daniel Lee’s first designs for the House, the Arco tote, gets the rubber treatment this season as part of BV’s Salon 03 bags. It bears the exact same shape as the original, only it is crafted entirely of rubber. There are two sizes available Mini and Medium, retailing for a mere $990 and $1,550. This seems like a very chic, albeit very pricey bag to take to the pool or the beach, and the pool or the beach only IMHO. The only logical explanation for a designer bag made of rubber is if there is water involved.

Bottega Veneta Rubber Arco Bag

Then, for those of you who are prone to jumping in a pool or a fountain after one too many margaritas, or if you’ve simply had your purses spilled on by your children one too many times, there’s the latest version of the incredibly pricey but still incredibly lust-worthy Padded Jodie. Made entirely of rubber as well, the Padded Jodie in rubber is slightly, and I mean slightly, more affordable than it’s big sis, retailing for $3,330. I’m not sure if this last one is a treat or a trick because, to be honest, when I first saw the price, I got butterflies in my stomach thinking the bag had gone down in price…wishful thinking.


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