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I’m Head-Over-Heels in Love With Bottega Veneta’s Newest Jodie Bag

Unpacking the Padded Jodie bag and its hefty price tag...

When Daniel Lee took over the reigns from Tomas Maier at Bottega Veneta, a whole new Bottega presented itself. The Bottega boom was heard around the fashion world. There was a lust for the brand that wasn’t felt as intensely before Lee joined the storied Italian house. And since his appointment, he has released hit after covetable hit, like The Pouch and The Padded Cassette. Lee’s bags seemed to strike the perfect balance of classic meets modern with craftsmanship and quality leather remaining at the forefront of his bags. Not to mention, Bottega’s iconic Intrecciato weave remained in the forefront.

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie
via Bottega Veneta

Next up from Lee came the Jodie bag, which of course was an instant hit, beloved by celebs, influencers and our very own team as well. I myself have also lusted after, pinned for, and talked about some more the Jodie bag. It is a truly stunning bag and oozes that classic Bottega feel with an updated chic feel. It is an updated take on a classic Bottega bag, available in multiple sizes and colors and it remains at the top of my (accessible) wishlist.

The Bottega Veneta Padded Jodie

But if I’m being honest the bag I’m really dreaming about (if money were not an object) is the Bottega Veneta Padded Jodie. I recently saw this pillowy, padded mini that is part of the Jodie line and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s crafted out of the same Intrecciato technique but features padded leather and a curved, almost half-moon-like shape. I am simply, obsessed.

Bottega Veneta Padded Jodie
via Bottega Veneta

I love that this bag looks so classic Bottega but with an updated, modern twist. The Padded Jodie isn’t seen as much as the classic, and its color offerings are minimal as well, making it a more under the radar choice. However the price point is much steaper than the Mini Jodie, coming in at $4,500 versus $1,900. Bottega’s quality and craftsmanship warrant its price tags, but the stark difference in this case leaves me a bit perplexed, as the sizing of both bags is similar.

Price aside, which one do you prefer?


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