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In Time for Spring and Summer, the Bottega Veneta Andiamo Canvas Is Here

A look at the new iteration of the bag that celebrates 'craft in motion'

When the Bottega Veneta Andiamo was first released, it took me some time to form a strong opinion. Part of me absolutely loved it, and the other part felt like a few areas could be changed to perfect the bag a bit more.

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I was also wondering how the bag would wear when I saw it on body, but with many people taking a liking to the bag, I’ve seen when the bag is being actively carried, it looks pretty spectacular. Every old-age classic Bottega Veneta feel is evoked in this design with a new-age appeal, making it a hit.

With the bag’s success, the Andiamo family is expanding, and today, the Bottega Veneta Canvas Andiamo was released.

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The back of the Bottega Veneta Small Andiamo

This updated version is ideal for this time of year and the warm weather to come.

On top of that, I have always been drawn to the look of natural weathered leather in this deep caramel-like hue (washed Bristol calfskin), paired with a differing canvas material in a lighter colorway.

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This combination feels practical, casual, and still very elegant. Plus, being a South Florida dweller, I see it fitting in for just about every occasion and need down here.

There are two sizes: small and large. Details from the original Andiamo remain, and of course, there is still the full leather Intrecciato version if you prefer.

Bottega Veneta Andiamo Canvas comparison
Small Andiamo in Intrecciato Leather and the new Canvas version
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We pictured these side by side for comparison, and I also broke down the pros and cons for you to see if this bag may be one you want to add to your collection.


  • The design aesthetic is the biggest pro of this bag. I have fallen in love with it more and more as I see it on people. It’s different but still feels special.
  • The canvas is relatively light but still durable.
  • The size is compact, but you don’t have to remove your typical daily essentials – it’s still large enough to fit most items.
  • The woven shoulder strap is sturdy and allows the bag to sit nicely right beside your body.
  • You can adjust the strap to wear crossbody or over-the-shoulder.
  • I love the braided brass knot hardware detailing, which ties back to the famed BV Knot bag.


  • While thick and luxurious, the washed leather on this bag appears like it will scratch easily. Though this bag is a sample, which means it’s been shipped countless times and used on set and by people, you can see how there are marks on the leather.
  • The price is only $100 less than the full leather Intrecciato iteration. I’d expect to see this a few hundred cheaper for the change in materials.
  • The interior does have a separation area, but it is not connected to the bottom of the bag. The separation area does offer a zip pocket, but without it being attached, you can’t fully rely on it keeping the two areas of the bag completely separated.
  • The strap front can pull to one side more than the next (like the drawstrings on sweatpants). Once you set it up and align it as you’d like, it should hold fine, though!
Bottega Veneta Andiamo Canvas Liu Wen
Liu Wen for Bottega Veneta
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