Sarah Burton had large shoes to fill when she stepped in at Alexander McQueen. But her transition has not only been seamless but has also continued to bring us gorgeous pieces. Right now I am absolutely obsessed with the Alexander McQueen 3D Hobo. While Neiman Marcus describes this bag as flower-detail, I would like to clarify: this my friends is black leather cutwork leaves. In a time when we have come to expect florals from the likes of Valentino, I feel refreshed with this look from McQueen.

Truth be told, leather flowers are gorgeous but with these floral leaves we have an earthy spirit brought to the design. The Alexander McQueen 3D Hobo is an ethereal beauty, and I can not stop any part of me from wanting it.

Romantic would be another word used to describe this bag and I am just smitten with the simple hobo shape with its botanical and gold Western buckle touches. If you paid close attention to the McQueen Spring 2011 runway show, both leaves and Western buckles were a resounding theme. The idea of partnering Western with earthy is not what would first come to mind as a good match, but it works wonderfully.

Come to think of it, after seeing this bag I am feeling underwhelmed by all the expected florals we typically get. More leaves please. Thank you to Alexander McQueen for bringing us something the same yet entirely different. Order through Neiman Marcus for $2,350.

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