Alexander McQueen Red Faithful Glove Clutch

The moment after I post about this handbag I am going to feel a sense of regret take over my body. In fact, I feel it now. After I post this sale I am certain a few of you will buy it and then it will be sold out, all before I could plead my case of needing this clutch myself. The Alexander McQueen Faithful Glove Clutch is an attention grabber, a total out of the box idea. While I understand that it seems like a fairly simple idea to place a glove on a clutch and call it a day, it is the way in which McQueen can pull this off that amazes me.

The version that has my undivided attention right now is in bright glossy red leather AND it is massively on sale. Marked down from $995, this clutch is only $599 right now and has my name (and Amanda’s) all over it. I want to sit here and sing praises from my couch to this clutch and McQueen! The glove is detachable. Ok, so a single detachable glove may not make perfect sense (they should have included the other glove as a bonus ‘thank you for purchasing‘ on the inside) but I would find a way to make it work nonetheless. After all, the one glove trend has been here before.

So Santa, if you are listening and you didn’t max out my list yet this year, I find this clutch to be a perfect jolt of color at a very competitive price. Mmmkay, thanks! Bye. Buy now (and shatter my dreams) through Alexander McQueen online for $599.

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  • AA

    When you carry this bag, are you supposed to put your hand in the glove? lol :D I think I will pass!

  • papertiger

    It’s nice in the pic but I saw a back one IRL and was disappointed.

  • I’m not a huge fan of the color – red leather has the capacity to look cheap more so than any other color, and I think this is just a bit too orange.

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      Whaaaaattt? Not red? Ok, tis mine!

      • If it was a better red, I would be all about it! Red leather is the hardest color to do, very few designers ever get it right. It needs to be more of a scarlet red to look high-end.

    • You mean like an Ohio State red??? YESSSSSSSS

      • Ohio State red is my preferred color of red for bags, yes :-). Georgia red looks a bit too orange when applied to leather.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I don’t get it…One glove? Is it some belated tribute to Michael Jackson! Nice bag, but lose the glove.

  • Sue

    4th review of the Faithful bag since June – time to buy!!!

  • kate

    i like the bag but glove must go!!As Karin said is it nostalgia for MIchale Jackson? I liked more christian louboutin’s chain shoulder bag in red.

    • Michael St. James

      i was thinking the same exact thing. that red christian louboutin flap bag was soooo much better than this.

  • esaybag

    this bag is very beautiful :)
    i love it, the black one?
    Alexander mcqueen Faithful studded leather diamond glove clutch

  • miss Wang

    I will pass this bag is ugly sorry.

  • mochababe73

    It looks cheap and tacky.

  • Al

    Love this bag, but I prefer the black version. I, too, have been eyeing it down, but then again I am very much a part of the ripped jean, AWang generation so… lol

  • Loquita

    I am not an OSU fan by any means (I went to U of M, sorreeee Megs) ;), but I am liking this iteration of the Faithful Clutch. That said, I would definitely go for the black version if I were to plunk down my cash for this bag. It’s more luxe looking and will age more gracefully, in my opinion.

  • The Girl in Grey

    YES! Saw this in person and adored it.

  • Sarah

    Fergie also wore this purse in black here

  • Kendra

    Sexy! (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    dump the glove (fb)