We are self-proclaimed Alexander McQueen fans here at PurseBlog. And this bag is no different.

The Alexander McQueen Leather Biker Satchel infuses a design that I wasn’t completely in love with to make a bag that is speaking to me. With all of the pockets and zippers from the Alexander McQueen Leather Biker Tote and the laid-back satchel style, I am loving this bag from Alexander McQueen. Confession: Amanda wrote about a grey version of this bag before and thought it was a misstep from McQueen. I too felt like that bag was lacking something. Actually, in grey it is completely blah for me.

Not only is this bag killer in both black and electric blue, but it gives the bag an entire new appeal and look. In fact, I can’t believe the grey version is the exact same bag as this one. I would have bet it was not. In black/blue I am sold. I need more satchels in my life and this is the perfect example. The bag has a long shoulder strap, with a 14″ drop, for you to sling the bag over your arm. There are top handles as well, but like I said before, I am all about the long shoulder strap. The body shows of multiple pockets and silvertone snaps, bringing that edgy look McQueen is known for. On the outside there is two zipper pockets and one snap pocket while the inside boasts a zipper pocket and open pocket.

The grey just looks way to safe and lame, but the black leather brings back the edge and the blue is that pop of rocker color that McQueen wearers can rock. Buy via Saks for $1450.

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  • wgs

    i like it, especially the blue. this would make a great messenger bag as well. i would scoop up it up a second had i not just bought the balenciaga city in outremer.

  • Al

    Me thinks Alexander McQueen is trying to ride the PS1, and recently Alexa, wave of popularity. The price is okay, but the leather looks a little pleathery, i.e. cheap.

  • Jane

    Wow what a difference color can make. When I looked back at the gray color I don’t even remember it being posted that is how boring it was to me, but this is a whole new bag. Good job McQueen. However, I agree I thought it was either a PS1 or a Balenciaga bag at first, until I saw the circle stitching on the edges of the bag then I knew it was a McQueen. However, the similarity two the two other bags doesn’t turn me away from this bag.

    • I know!! I actually had to edit this post because I first thought that other grey version was a completely different bag and I was referencing how the took the same idea but made it better. Come to find out it is the SAME bag!

  • Cynthia

    I agree with Al and Jane…very evocative of the PS1 and Alexa bags. I like their versions better than this one, which somehow comes off looking less expensive.

  • Merve

    I love McQ but this bag still looks like a Balenciaga. Im not saying thats necessarily a bad thing because the bag is actually great but why buy a lookalike when u can just go get a city?

  • Rashida

    I don’t like the top handle or the strap, but I think otherwise a nice bag! I agree with Merve though it is looking a bit like a City! :)

  • Margherita

    mmm, a bit Balenciaga a bit Alexa, he could have done something better than copycat

  • Jeanne

    Got it in blue and love it. Perfect size for an all day bag and leather is super soft. I like the fact that it has a similar design aspect to Balenciaga (which is a great bag) but that its not immediately recognizable like a Balenciaga.

  • Kendra

    Great great great! (fb)

  • Elyse

    oh McQueen the purse world will miss you (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    too bad (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    pick me (fb)

  • angela

    I just purchased this bag in black eel skin and let me say it is HOT. GORGEOUS. It’s lined completely in black leather, every pocket.
    I was originally on my way to purchase a Balenciaga city until I saw four girls in a group, three had Balenciagas. As I walked through hotel Wynn, I saw another girl with a white Balenciaga. Again, in the bathroom, another Balenciaga. This time the girl carrying it looked like a stripper. Yeah, it was real, not a fake. I suddenly had misgivings.
    Enter: Alexander Mcqueen boutique. Immediately the Faithful medium satchel in eel skin spoke volumes. The texture is amazing. Wow, gorge!! Sold. So glad I’m not a clone of every other girl in the mall :)

  • Tracey G

    Not loving the straps on the bags (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Not loving the colors (ipad)