Alexander McQueen Woven Cord Box Clutch, $2075 via Neiman Marcus

There are a lot of reasons that I’m a person who writes about handbags instead of a person who designs them, but one of the big ones is that when I think about a bag like the Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch, I have no idea how I’d move forward with it. Skull clutches have been done in basically every color, finish, embellishment and theme of which I can conceive, and it seems like we should have hit some sort of back corner of creativity by now.

And yet, we haven’t. The team at McQueen continues to churn out both amazing clothes and beautiful accessories at a rate that would surely satisfy the man himself, were he around to supervise. Spring 2012 brings with it an impressive array of box clutches from the brand, and we have a few of our favorites for your perusal after the jump.

Alexander McQueen Pearl Encrusted Skull Clutch, $8295 via Neiman Marcus

Alexander McQueen Woven Cord Box Clutch, $2075 via Neiman Marcus

Alexander McQueen Crystal Britannia Skull Clutch, $2645 via Neiman Marcus

Alexander McQueen Embroidered Satin Knuckle Skull Clutch, $2795 via Neiman Marcus

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  • Chris

    The black one is breathtakingly beautiful. The pearl encrusted – the pearls look like bones. Somewhat morbid, but still stunning. They never run out of ideas. Great find, Amanda.

  • mga13

    I love the one with the snake on top, it’s so clever! That’s why McQueen will stay in business for decades to come, even without Alexander himself. They are not just the designer in front of the house, they are a brilliant team too.

  • Vibri Wulandari

    The woven cord one is amazing

  • camilla

    the britannia is my favorite. I never have enough of these clutches, I love them!

  • Silversun

    The last one is amazing. The jaws on that snake! *dies*

  • Mari

    Unbelievable, they are all amazing! 

  • 19yearslater

    Beautiful. I have a special fondness for the Britannia in all of its iterations but the others are lovely too. Probably less so the pearls, it reminds me of purses my mom had in the ’80s, but other than that no skull clutch I don’t like.

  • Liz

    Oh, I’m so in love with the black one with the woven leather. It’s amazing! I wish it was just a little cheaper.

  • Ruhee

    They are are so well made.The details are amazing!!!

  • Lena R Collins

    That satin knuckle clutch with the skull in the snake’s mouth is genius.  I believe that one’s my favorite.

  • Bree

    In love with the Crystal Brittania clutch. If only I had $2500 to burn!

  • rose60610

    Initially there were some AM bags I liked.  It’s gotten to the point where SO MANY bags are put together with a skull closure slapped on them that i now suffer from AM bag fatigue.  Come on, the first 50 or so were unique, different, avant garde, stylish, edgy…blah blah… Now we see the ol’ skull slapped on whatever.  Give it up already!  For the money, I’d go Bottega.  Similar in design, gorgeous, has history.  AM?  Puh-LEEZ!  Is this brand desperate to slap its skull on everything before   the flame extinguishes?  Some AM are wonderful, but chalk me off as one of the fans. 

  • J N

    love every single one