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  • Chelsea

    Love him. Thanks

  • Mariana

    He’s so arrogant…

    • LC

      who the hell is this guy…

  • Lorie

    Never heard of him. Who is he?

  • Clément Lee

    Really…. great photographer..

  • Ashleyg

    I love this!!! Mostly because there are actual pictures of the actual contents listed in his bag- something that doesn’t happen all the time on these posts anymore… But this was awesome and Jonathan seems like a lot of fun.

    • We try to integrate photos of the items in the bag plus some items in the surroundings – but Jonathan had such great stuff in his bag it made it easy!

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    I do not believe that he is straight, not that there’s anything wrong with being gay.

  • tlb

    Brand Master? Can someone explain. Is he the ambassador for some brand?

  • whiteboardideas

    I love the watch designs!

  • ReallyPurseBlog

    So now you don’t have to do nothing to be famous. You can just be the friend of someone who does nothing to be famous. I never believed I’ll see someone who makes Kim K look intelligent but he does.

  • Amanda

    What’s the brand/model of that black watch with the different colored displays? It’s kind of fantastic!

  • cbl

    Could he be ANY grosser? Gag.

  • VividTexas

    Well! Believe in self-promotion much? *gag* BTW-no one “asked” how much the watch cost…..smdh

  • dnfl

    lol relax guys, I’m sure he’s just keeping up with his tv persona… He seems pretty funny. I think people hate him by default because he’s associated with the Kardashians

  • NJ

    This guy is so irritating on IG. I had to unfollow him.

    • Mariana

      Why would you follow him in the first place?

  • KatieElizabeth

    When did every other comment left by people on the internet become so VAPID and IGNORANT? The comments are so hateful and dirty…people should be ASHAMED of themselves.

  • Guest

    This “man” is unworthy of the Purse Blog, its audience, and Vlad’s gorgeous photographs. I have to tell you that seeing him here horrifies me.

  • FashionableLena

    Love seeing Jonathan on What’s in His Bag? I actually like his arrogant, egotistical personality. I also like that he’s a sneakerhead and pairs it with his luxe accessories.


    The POWER OF FUSE my friends….best energy drops int he market today…go get some at your local Walgreen’s or Golf Galaxy.

    • Vince Zachetti

      Love electrofuse after too many beers on friday night!!

  • Vince Zachetti

    Powerfuse faster better than 5hr.

  • Nikki Hartman


  • Jen11

    I love Jonathan !! He’s the funniest on the show

  • Candy

    Loser. Nuff said.

  • Cc

    he’s not arrogant… he just knows what he wants, knows what he likes and get’s it. and you all know that the first thing that you thought when you saw that watch was “how much did that thing cost” the watch is beautiful. and the other person asking who is this guy… you’re the one that’s on his website reading about him, so why are you asking who he is. it’s funny how jealousy comes out of people. i hope he’s sitting back and just smiling as he reads all your comments. i would. i think he deserves everything he has…. when you work as hard as he obviously does…..