While a longer sit-down meal is always enjoyable, the idea of a quick, healthy meal that still offers a welcoming environment and mood is one that I will always opt for. Pura Vida is one of my favorite spots in the South Florida area for fresh, healthy eats (that feels like an extension of a beach vacation home). Founded in 2012 and now with 14 locations across South Florida with the brand’s most recent openings in Doral and Miami Shores this month, and a store that opened in Qatar right before the World Cup, this is an eatery you want to visit.

It is only fitting that when we went to the offices of Pura Vida to meet with Jen (she and her husband founded the company together), I immediately thought that I wanted to move in. The airy, welcoming vibe continued from their stores to their offices, and the idea that the store should feel like home with a menu that can be eaten at any time of the day was evident.

With the “Health is Happiness” tagline and the distinctive ethereal style that keeps me coming back, I had to meet the founder and learn more about her and her bag. Jennifer is warm, personable, driven, inquisitive, and of course, incredibly stylish. Her style goes in line with the stores, one that has an elegant ease to it. Her bags are both quite sentimental for different reasons, and we loved sharing a meal and seeing what she carries in her bag! Also, if anyone is interested, three of my favorite items at Pura Vida are Ginger Tea Latte (this is blue!), avocado smash, and the summer chicken bowl with a mixed greens base.


Jenni WIHB 01
Jen Horev Pura Vida 2 of 13
Jen Horev Pura Vida 3 of 13 1


Jenni WIHB 02

Where Can We Find You Online?

Jenni WIHB 03
Jen Horev Pura Vida 5 of 13
Jen Horev Pura Vida 6 of 13

Your bags today?

Jenni WIHB 04 Jen Horev Pura Vida 7 of 13

Tell us about Pura Vida, why did you start it?

Jenni WIHB 07 Jenni WIHB 07b

How do you juggle it all?

Jenni WIHB 08
Jen Horev Pura Vida 8 of 13
Jen Horev Pura Vida 9 of 13

If you could only eat one item off your menu for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jenni WIHB 05 Jen Horev Pura Vida 4 of 13

Do you have any hidden talents?

Jenni WIHB 06
Jen Horev Pura Vida 10 of 13
Jen Horev Pura Vida 11 of 13

5 places anyone visiting Miami should check out?

Jenni WIHB 09

Your unpopular handbag opinion?

Jenni WIHB 10 Jen Horev Pura Vida 12 of 13

Your ideal day?

Jenni WIHB 11 Jen Horev Pura Vida 13 of 13

What’s in your bag and why?

Pura Vida WIHB
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Ed B
Ed B
2 months ago

I love so much of this, but it’s a bit weird that every single Miami must-see includes a Pura Vida stop lol. It’s already enough of an ad without that, which is OK it’s her brand, but that part seems weirdly in-your-face. First few mentions made me curious (especially veggie omlette), by the end of the article I’m over it, won’t check it out.

Cute bags and handwriting, though!

2 months ago

She seems quite taken with the laser measure.

2 months ago
Reply to  J B

When I photographed Jen and realized that the laser measure was part of her EDC (everyday carry), my inner engineering nerd was delighted!

2 months ago

I loved this one!! She seems so cool!