What’s In Her Bag: Elizabeth Kurpis

See what this NYC Fashion Lawyer carries in her mini tote


Elizabeth Kurpis Name


Elizabeth Kurpis Occupation
Fashion Lawyer, Contributing Editor @ Quest Magazine, Amateur Interior Design Specialist, Mama to Chicky & Hunter

Your social handles

Elizabeth Kurpis Instagram Handle @elizabethkurpis
Instagram: @elizabethkurpis

WIHB Elizabeth Kurpis 1

Your bag today is…

Elizabeth Kurpis Her Bag
Lafayette 148 Mini Vachetta Leather 8 Knot Bag

Tell us how you picked your specific job niche

Elizabeth Kurpis Job
1. I began my career working in large New Yoork law firms forming hedge funds and private equity funds.
2. Although interesting at first, I soon bored. However, I happened to be very good at client development. While most of my clients were in finance, many of their wives, my friends, were in fashion. So I asked myself, “Why not provide them with full service legal advice” as well. For obvious reasons, I found this way more interesting!
3. Began my fashion law practice in 2016 and never looked back!
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Your favorite fashion brands?

Elizabeth Kurpis Favorite Fashion Brands
Day: Lafayette 148, Cara Cara, Tanya Taylor, La Ligne, DOcle & Gabbana, Valentino
Night: Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Emilia Wickstead, Zimmermann

First thing you do when you wake up…

Elizabeth Kurpis Morning Routine
If my babies are in my bed, I give them a soft kiss and squeeze while they sleep.
If not, unfortunately, I reach for my phone to read any overnight emails and read up on any morning news.

What is your idea of the perfect day?

Elizabeth Kurpis A Perfect Day
★ Reading a book undisturbed under a shaded umbrella in a warm locale with a view so beautiful it’s hard to imagine it’s real, and, of course, all with a cocktail in hand.
★ As sunset approached I’d change into something glamorous for evening and hop aboard a boat for a ride with family and friends that led to a delicioius wine-fueled alfresco dinner.
★ Ideally I’d be in bed by 11pm latest with my husband and both children.

Any hobbies?

Elizabeth Kurpis Hobbies
Baking has always been a creative outlet for me and a way to relieve stress. It’s something I’ve enjoyed since a very young age and have continued doing regularly with my two children, as I once did with my own mother.

If you could only eat one meal at one restaurant, every single day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Elizabeth Kurpis Favorite Meal
It’s hard to imagine not tiring of any meal, but if I had to pick one that may withstand time, I’d say caviar along with all its accoutrements.
It goes with just about any other food and makes everything taste better. You could literally put it on a piece of cardboard and it would taste delicious.

Advice you’d give to an influencer or the best advice you’ve received?

Elizabeth Kurpis Advice
It’s a piece of advice I received from my father a long time ago relating to any situation you find yourself negotiating something:
NEVER be afraid to walk away from a deal, and you’ll always come out ahead.

Best Wordle to start with?

Elizabeth Kurpis Wordle
ADIEU. Bonus 2nd word: STROP
If you can’t solve the puzzle in under four guesses using these 2 words, it’s probably time to bid the game of Wordle adieu…

WIHB Elizabeth Kurpis 4

What’s in your bag today?

Elizabeth Kurpis Whats In Her Bag
Sunglasses, Airpods, Fendi cardholder, Aerin lip balm in rose, Chanel lip gloss, Clé de Peaw concealer, Dr. Barbara Sturm glow drops, Colony Hotel hand sanitizer

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