A few weeks ago, our house was filled with the excitement of the Olympics, and shortly into the Tokyo Games, Millie began performing her own routines. There was dancing and poses before she dove into the pool, in what can only be described as Olympic Swimming meets Olympic Gymnastics with a 4-year-old’s twist. When I told Millie that her friend’s mom was a part of the US Olympic Gymnastics Team, she told me, “Oh, I better start practicing so I can do that too.”

Today’s What’s In Her Bag features Olympian, mom, and fitness trainer Alicia Sacramone Quinn. While Alicia may be known for her vault and highly decorated gymnastics career, I know her as a kind and hilarious friend. This mom of three young girls juggles it all and always with a smile and upbeat attitude. When she’s not carrying a diaper bag and her keychain with a card case, she does love a nice designer bag, and today, we are sharing a look at her beloved Goyard bag.

Alicia's Goyard Bag

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