WIHB- Liz Giardina (2)


WIHB- Liz Giardina (4)


WIHB- Liz Giardina (5)


WIHB- Liz Giardina (6)


WIHB- Liz Giardina (7)


WIHB- Liz Giardina (8)


WIHB- Liz Giardina (9)


WIHB- Liz Giardina (10)


WIHB- Liz Giardina (11)



WIHB- Liz Giardina (12)



WIHB- Liz Giardina (13)


WIHB- Liz Giardina (14)

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  • PJGambler

    Black bag is not attractive…………..

  • Leilani

    Oh my goodness, her writing is hard to read!

  • Susie

    I got a headache trying to read this!

    • PJGambler

      yeah, I gave up!

  • Kelly

    I gave up half way…

  • Michelle Lim

    OMG. I need this bag. Where do I get it??

  • Violet

    Annoying handwriting!!! I didn’t bother reading this!

  • anon

    “I read this!” -no one

  • Flora

    Nice handwriting, looks gorgeous, however cannot read it.

  • Mya Wilkes

    Goodness gracious, got a headache trying to read this!

  • Jen Brett

    can we get a typed transcript for this? or maybe written in her real handwriting since this was clearly made up on the spot to look interesting

    • This is truly her handwriting – I think it’s beautiful, but I guess it’s been really hard for people to read!

  • Jen

    Good grief, I gave up trying to read her ridiculous writing….. She’s clearly trying to be artsy and unusual. Communication fail.

  • Robin

    Her handwriting is ridiculous. I would hate working with her!

  • Jade

    I really, really do not like that these are handwritten. I usually cannot read them. Please type! Please

  • Riley

    This handwriting, try hard and pretentious much?? Derek is a classy sophisticated guy, you should know better.

  • mary

    wow pushing the product much?

  • Elisa

    Love the Italian wrap wallet. It looks like il bisonte.

  • JC

    The handwriting…..retarded.

  • JC

    Braille would have had more functional purpose and meaning.

  • Sybil Lee

    I can’t read her writing. I am now semi permanently cross eyed. Thank you. Please don’t do this again.

  • Toni

    Holy cow, who knew that reading her handwriting could actually make me feel nauseous afterwards!! O_o

  • Sharyn Denise

    geez, I got a headache trying to read her writing, I had to give up and look at the pic’s.

  • LZ

    Goodness, her handwriting! For someone who’s inspired by the relaxed style of another. I gave up reading!

  • Cbl

    That hurt.

  • Yup, the handwriting is impossible. Most designers I know write in all caps because it’s *easier* to read, but this is obvs not the case here. Still, a fan of the 10 Crosby bags, something unique about the shape. Can’t wait to see the bags she’s mentioning for resort 2016

    • Exactly! The designers I have worked with have very clear handwriting because they need to communicate with samplehands, patternmakers, etc.

      It was beautiful though. Maybe she is making the point that 10 Crosby favors beauty and style over practicality?

      • Yeah, that sounds likely. Maybe her E’s started getting sloppy when she wrote quickly, and she just decided to go with it.

  • Sarah

    Shame she can’t spell ‘sophisticated’…….

    • Imgoingbroke


  • Sonia

    What a nightmare trying to read these hieroglyphics! Next time either use typeface leave it all photos. This was horrible!

  • Guest

    Pretentious Handwriting!

  • Imgoingbroke

    Swing…and a miss. And the photos of Ms. Giardina are unflattering.

  • anouck

    ohhh boy?! what is she again, a doctor? :(