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  • sunflower

    Ohh pretty Bal!

  • Paulina

    ORLY Halley’s Comet! Nice!! I love that one.

  • louch

    Love the Bal bag – gorgeous Amanda!!

  • Bee

    Love the Proenza wallet and bag of goodies! lol… It’s great to get a peak into the purse of my fave RH “recapper”…

  • Marianna

    I LOVE the B bag- the color is TDF and OMG yes, Diet Coke and mini Twix!! They will always be part of my survival pack!

  • edoardo

    I love this bag, its color and the interview…wow!


  • KaylaNiche

    Wow! I think we’ve all been dying to know WIHB of our Fairy Pursemother lol!! So envious of your daily schedule!! ;-)

  • krisanti

    Your Bal is yummy<3

  • Sue

    Lovely…Missing something…What is the black bag with chain links?

    • That is her Alexander Wang Isis Clutch!

      • Sue

        Thanks …loving that.

      • LDJ

        Yes…I am loving that. My eyes went straight to it when I saw the pic.

      • Jelita78

        ohhhhhhhhhh gorgeous!!!!
        whats the size of this clutch btw?

  • kemilia

    Love your bag! (ummm, maybe because I am currently carrying my Jaune Day?)

    I love this feature because I find out that inside our bags, we all carry such similar stuff–I have peanut M&Ms though. And the RHWNYC are my faves too and I love reading your recaps, you catch every little crazy bit.

  • Mama M

    Vlad – the photography is wonderful!!
    One question — how did you get Amanda to actually zip up her purse? I”m glad to see those zippers actually work since she never uses them. Maybe moving to NYC will change that!

  • Amanda

    OHHH That’s from the Orly Cosmic FX Collection. I have Lunar Eclipse. :) I’m a nail polish junkie, too!

  • Ashleyg

    *deep sigh* a peek into your bag has been the perfect start to my weekend!!! It also reminds me to clean out AND downsize the contents of my bag!!! Love your bag, LOVE that clutch and adore that wallet!!!

  • GK

    LOVE your pictures always, the color, the display, it says things…

  • Christine A.

    Beautiful depth of color on your Bbag, Amanda! I like the giant silver hardware too. Your clutch is eyecatching too! Vlad takes great pics!

  • Odette

    That Isis clutch is TDF! WANT!

  • PhotoGirl

    FINALLY!! An actual receipt and some paper money. I knew I liked Amanda for a reason! She lives in the real world with the rest of us.(And we are handbag twins, too.)
    A word to the wise: if you’re going to carry it in your purse, put that nail polish into a ziplock bag, stat! Just sayin’…

    Not handbag related, but I love the large scale photo that’s in the background in some of these pictures. Is that Vlad’s work, too? It’s beautiful.

  • Chels K

    Great taste in bags. I’m glad I’m not alone in carrying a little bag in my bigger day bag.

  • Lynda

    I am absolutely adoring your bag and items! Loving the photography <33

  • kemilia

    Yes, please put your nail polish in a zip loc–I had one open in my bag many years ago, totally ruined it–that’s the way I learned my lesson (those little “snack” zip loc bags are the perfect size to use too).

    • It’s in a baggie! Vlad just took it out for purposes of the photo :-)

  • Ruhee

    Nice one!!!

  • ninjaninja

    I love the clutch, so beautiful!

  • qudz

    beautiful bag! and clutch! and contents! this is one of my fav WIHB!!!

    how cool does that diet coke look btw.. we dont have those pretty bottles here!

  • Lanie

    I love the photos of your Balenciaga bag and it’s content. Very cool!

  • Staci

    Amanda, I love both of your bags!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Wow, Amanda’s Violet Day is drop dead gorgeous – I love it. I’ve been a long time Bbag stalker and have not found the perfect bag yet, wish I could snag one like Amanda’s. Oooh, you can’t go wrong with mini Twix, craving one right now after seeing the pic. Vlad’s photography skills are amazing.

  • 19yearslater

    Ohh, that Diet Coke is so pretty. So is the Bal, of course. Great answers, Day In The Life is pretty hilarious.

  • Amy A

    wonderful style Amanda,.. and its cool to see WHIB from my favorite Real Housewives blogger. I want your work schedule! :)

  • Rashida

    So beautiful Megs! I love the bag, I love love the color and you wallet is to die for!

  • Rashida

    Sorry it’s Amanda’s bag lol

  • Cathy Fitz

    Amanda – thanks for sharing with us. OMG your Bal is TDF! Seriously!

  • Loly

    I love the bag and what’s inside! and a special award for the prefect matching (bag + carpet ) lol !! is that your house? you have an elegant and sober taste, love it!

  • adrienne z

    Love That BAG!!!! That’s AWESOME!

  • Jenny

    That clutch is so beautiful! Love the bal too of course!

  • EllenBakes

    Oooh love the bag and that basically someone could live in there because it’s so nicely stocked. :)

  • mab

    It’s good to know the everyday life of Amanda. Choice of bag to the smallest item inside her purse. Good taste as always.

  • Engrmom

    I thought I’m the only one carry that much stuff on my purse. Love the color very bold, not sure I’ll carry it off. I’m more of a gray and black (boring) person. One time my hubby got me this red patent leather purse for valentine. Love it but felt it was too noticeable, return it but wish I hadn’t.

  • MySignatureBag

    What a lovely bag! The colour is gorguous. I can relate to what is carried around in your bag. I think there is lots of woman who carry just about there whole life in them. I don’t know what it is with us woman.

  • Michelle

    Nice key ring; GO DAWGS! =D

  • shallowgal

    long live chartreuse! it’s my favorite color too. lol.

  • Joyce

    lol i love the way u show your iphone – with Angrybirds on still lol

  • belgianyen

    gawd!!! i love the clutch!!! And i’m still trying to edit stuff to put into my bag should i carry a clutch as a daybag….uh oh! it’s tough cuz i carry my whole life in my BV Montaigne bag or my Balenciaga Covered Giant City bag or my LV Berkeley Damier or any “big” bag of choice as a daybag.

  • Merve

    My fave whats in her bag so far!!!

  • Lucinda

    Oh I love the Bal, and the Alexander Wang clutch and I so wish I had your job!

  • lulugurl2006

    “rainy days require extra gaudiness” *rofl* love it! Greats WIHB

  • The Fashionable ESQ

    Metallic+violet. I’m in love.

  • Jennifer

    Love the bag & the day in the life! thanks for sharing! =)

  • Mochababe73

    Not a Balenciaga fan, but I love the color on this one. It looks like it has a metallic sheen.
    I love seeing your Day in the Life and your pouch that you keep your “little bag of tricks” in.

  • Chele

    Gorgeous, gorgeous Bbag! Love the violet color….

  • Ninel G

    Love Balenciaga and your style, Amanda!

  • chloebagfreak

    Amanda, I love your bag! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only on with darkened handles. My Violet First has faded and the handles aren’t quite as dark as your, but getting there! It really is the most incredible color.
    Love the “stuff” in your bag posed as art.
    I miss the RHBH recaps:)

  • rebecca

    love her bag and the nail polish too!

  • Amy

    Love your bag and even more love getting to see what’s inside the bag and your head! Thanks for sharing.

  • Katherine

    Your life sounds so fun :)

  • christine

    i love that color!!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Came back to look at this WIHB post again – the pics are gorgeous and the bag is stunning. Love the answers, too – it’s like having a conversation with what I imagine Amanda is really like.