Versace’s La Medusa Takes Center Stage for Pre-Fall 2022

Seen in new iterations from denim to snakeskin and beyond

You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and Versace’s pre-fall 2022 collection is the prime example of such a design mentality. Clearly designed with the usual cast of characters that Donatella Versace is inspired by (think the Gigi Hadids, Kendall Jenners, and Dua Lipas of the world), the pre-fall 2022 collection is chock full of edgy designs, color, prints, and patterns. This collection will sit in stores alongside the FENDACE collection, and it, in fact, doesn’t stray too far aesthetically from the partnership.

The collection’s RTW oozes an early 2000s feel, and the bags complement the body-hugging, midriff-baring pieces. The collection focuses on an iconic House motif, the Medusa, which appears on bags from the La Medusa line. Existing silhouettes are given a makeover with details such as color blocking, embellishments, whipstitching, snakeskin, and denim. In short, this collection doesn’t lack in the glamour department. View bags from the collection below.

image via Vogue Runway


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