The Versace La Medusa Bag Wowed Me

With a classic House emblem and fun colors, this bag is lovely

In all aspects of life, we have biases. I have my favorite bags that work for me, and though I am always looking for new designs, many times I find myself getting a bit repetitive with brands and styles. But I also see a lot of bags, so for me to really be drawn to a bag in an unexpected way sticks with me. I am someone who studies each bag I see, from the feel of the leather to the way the bag opens and closes to the functionality of the interior and of course the aesthetic. I have been hearing more people telling me that they were really loving newer Versace bags, and I decided I had to see it for myself.

White and Blue Medusa Bag

White Versace Medusa Medium Bag
Purple Versace Medusa Medium Bag

White, Blue, and Purple Versace Medusa Medium Bag

The Versace La Medusa line of bags is an instant staple for the House, with the very iconic Versace Medusa on the front of the bag to immediately identify it as a Versace design. Within the La Medusa family, there are quite a few different bag shapes, but it’s this top-handle handbag that I am drawn to most.

This is the Versace Medium La Medusa Bag, crafted in Italy from premium leather with the Medusa plaque on the front. The significance of the Medusa emblem is it was the same décor discovered on the doors of the brand’s first headquarters in Milan and remains a defining element of the brand. The leather on this bag is quite lovely, sturdy yet offers a bit of slouch (you can see this in the leather in some photos as we didn’t stuff the bags). You can carry the bag by the framed leather top handle, or there are two detachable shoulder straps: one leather and one a tonal chain (which looks heavy but is deceiving light as it’s plastic).

Versace Medusa Medium Bag Open
Versace Medusa Bag Chains

Do you want to know who was wowed most by the bags? Vlad. And Vlad rarely has much to say about a specific bag, but if you asked him the bag that he has loved the most recently, he would tell you this bag. There are small details that help it stand out, like the way the top handle is secured on the entire with little metal rod detailing that sits on the inside of the top handle. The magnetic button closure is easy to open and close, and I am always such a fan of tonal coloring, from the chain strap to the La Medusa plaque. On the inside, you’ll find a flat internal pocket and 100% color complimenting leather. I really love a bag being lined in leather, especially if it doesn’t add a ton of weight, it both looks and feels special.

There’s a smaller size of this bag as well, which judging by the dimensions will still hold plenty. This is a really great day bag, one that comes in 10 colorways so you can opt for a bright color or go more neutral. Versace sells different colored chain strap options, so you can really change this bag up with a new strap or matching La Medusa bag charm. It’s a bag that I really fell for, and am looking forward to discovering more of what Versace has to offer.

Shop the Versace La Medusa for $2,525 at

Versace Medusa Medium Bag Group


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