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  • mocheetoe

    wow, I usually don’t like bag charms but that palm leaf one is very cool.

  • Sandy

    Valentino is one of my favorites and overall this collection is amazing. I am not a big fan of the tooled and DIY looking bags but the more basic shoulder and satchel are great with the minimal addition of the rock studs on the handle/strap. Did you see the shoes, swoon!!

  • AAAA

    I like the ones with the smaller studs throughout, although I am weary to buy one because I thought the studs moment has passed. As far as some of the others, I’m surprised that designers are still creating so many novelty bags. With consumers being more cautious about their money, I would have thought brands would attempt to create classics. Things that could be worn for years to come without looking dated, but feel new today. Spending thousands of dollars for a bag with a parakeet hanging off of it is just not where I want to spend my money.

  • FashionableLena

    I like numbers 9, 24, and 39. The rest are okay. Not sure how this will go over because it’s definitely for a very particular/niche customer.

  • Charlie

    Some of the bags are cool but the charms are just far too much!! I can understand when the bag charms are bigger than the bag itself (foxy charm with LOUIS VUITTON bags back in 2008 and the original Karlito) but these ones look like those tags you tie to the luggage or one of those scented pieces you hang under the back mirror in the car

  • lavinia

    You know what? Valentino can be classic and inventive/new at the same time (maybe Coach can take note) but the charms are absolutely unnecessary for these classic bags which shine on their own

  • Sparky

    I like the development of the RockStuds in the red bags. Getting more design for your money.
    I don’t like the tooled leather or the beaded bags. Remind me of souvenir shop merchandise front he 60’s.
    Once again my references due to my age put me off some designs. Targeted to people under 40 I guess.

  • Kate

    I’m done with bag charms, but I like the handbags themselves.

  • Lynn

    I love the parrots and palm leaves – and I think I’ll love them all the more when i find them secondhand in three to five years, for pennies on the dollar…
    They are unique and attractive, but they already look a bit dated.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    I like the bags but these oversized charms just make them look cheap. Don’t think I’d pay over a grand for a bag and then make it look like a X-mas tree dangling everything and the kitchen sink of it.

  • GreenApple18r

    Valentino should have been done with rockstuds long ago. Instead they came up with another variant with round turquoise ones in between. Not a way to go.

    • Stina Sias

      I love the turquoise!

  • SandiBeach22

    Oh, definitely putting that beaded fringe bag on my list!!! I purchased the new style rolling rock bag and another strap but don’t particularly like the bag that much. Going to send it back and wait on that beaded one!!! It sure fits in with the new clothes for 2017. Agree on those big charms. Too much unless the bag is really big!