Yves Saint Laurent Over The Knee BootsI can’t wear heels. I won’t get into the story of exactly why because it’s gruesome and I don’t want to ruin the next few minutes of your life, but suffice it to say, heels are not an option. Also, I can’t wear most knee-high boots because I have enormous calves, and most designers don’t embrace the big calf market. So my ability to appreciate and enjoy the new over-the-knee-boot trend is limited to merely watching from a distance, so that’s what I’m here to do: which of you girls out there have jumped the bandwagon and bought them already, and which of you plan to later?

If ever there was a pair of shoes that was worth an astronomical price tag, it’s these. The construction of a shoe that will cover that much of your leg has to be so precise and well-designed that I’m not sure how well this style will fair at retail. One of my favorite pairs so far is the Yves Saint Laurent Over-the-Knee Boots since they have a bit of stretch and will be more forgiving on more leg structures. If you can pull it off, though, I think you should absolutely go for it – maybe with some tights and a tunic for maximum boot exposure.

And what type of handbag should be worn with these boots? Probably something with a simple, clean design, although the size would be negotiable depending on whether you were rocking them during the day or night. The most important thing to remember with a shoe like this, though, is that what you’re wearing shouldn’t compete with them. So are you going to wear them once the weather turns cold? Buy through Saks for $1745.

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  • Janinevs

    Cool boots, but also not for me.

    And whenever anyone brings up the “enormous calf” issue, I feel like I have to mention Duo Boots. I didn’t wear boots for most of my life, unless it was stretchy fabric or cowboy boots. A few years ago I discovered Duo and have never looked back. They make the boots according to your measurements and it’s also pretty nice quality. Unfortunately they’re in the UK, but they have an online store and ship to the US.

  • Claire

    I don’t have the lifestyle to support those boots!

  • Raffaluv

    I adore over the knee boots although my calves are huge also & totally agree that it makes shopping for them more challenging! :) However I’m soo ready to pull out my Chanel over the knee boots from 08 with the silver tips & happy that not only did I get to wear them last year but that it’s a spot on trend for fall 09 too. My Loubou donjons are my newest otk boot & I’m too excited to hit the road running in them…come on fall!! :)

  • I have never tried on a pair of over-the-knee boots, still uncertain exactly where I could wear them! But if you can pull them off, I think they look amazing

  • Graciella

    If I could afford a new pair of designer boots this season and if I wouldn’t be so darn tall I’d buy a pair, but alas, none for me this fall. These YSL ones are gorgeous though, and I also love the fisherman boots Prada are doing and many of Chloe’s styles.

  • otter

    High end version of the boots I see in the stripper stores along Hwood Blvd. Your town might have such resources as well. I never felt the urge to run into Play Mates for a pair.

  • Jen

    Great boots, but I don’t have the legs for them. It’s been my life-long bane. Okay, so, Amanda – is that a typographical error in the 2nd paragraph or is it really meant to read that way? I’ve never heard that phrase to describe boot stretch. I’m not offended – just inordinately curious.

  • michaelstjames

    stella mccartney’s OTK boots are more practical and less hookerish!

    lol jen…it does seem like it should say “bit”…maybe amanda was thinking about someone in particular when she wrote this post?

    i love OTK boots but then again i don’t have to wear them! good luck ladies…these things look painful.


  • mette

    I have no desire for boots like this. Disgusting and dangerous.

  • dierregi

    Not even if you pay me – let alone me spending $1700+ for them… and I have very good, long legs and thin calves which do not need further enhancement or cover up…. at least one good feature :-)

  • denim53

    I love these, but not for me! I can see them on my daughter’s tiny little legs, but, alas, she can not afford them!!!

  • Mimi

    I’m another one who will have to admire from a far. I’d love to be able to pull off the over the knee boots but I just don’t have legs that would look nice in these boots.

  • 19yearslater

    Those look like hooker boots. Too much platform for how high they are. I love mid-calf boots (the ones that do come in sizes to fit normal calves, I’m curvy too) but this may be too much boot.

  • Brigette

    While I think they look hella hot on the runways…I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing those YSL over-the-knee-boots! Flat ones though, oh, those have got me crazy! I agree with several posts up that Chloe & Prada makes some adorable flat riding boots. I think Stuart Weitzman makes some with a wedge..that’s the highest I’d go!!

  • Jessica Jean Benson

    I think they are ugly to be honest. Also as a member of the petite, shorter leg club, I think they would make my legs look squaty = bad!

  • Tygriss

    I’ve always wanted boots just like these. Just like I’ve always wanted to be a super heroine. But I know neither will ever happen :-). I could definitely prance around my house in these… but don’t think I could wear them out anywhere.

  • papertiger

    I like them but I probably couldn’t walk in them and I have far too many shoes and boots in my wardrobe already that I don’t wear because I can’t walk or stand in.

  • @jen and @michaelstjames HA! TOTAL TYPO! I usually write with the TV off because if I don’t, words that I hear on TV find their way into my writing as substitutes for words with similar letters without me noticing, and when I wrote this post, I was watching a rerun of one of the Real Housewives seasons. So…that explains that.

  • MizzJ

    Hmm I adore boots of all varieties, but I’m kind on the fence with this one. I love knee-high boots, but I feel skeptical about wearing this one b/c I’m very short so such long boots might make short legs shorter? Also, OTK boots kinda remind me of hookers :S

  • adam

    OTK boots i think are actually really kewl for a night out on town or for maybe a late lunch in soho on the weekend. I do not like those YSL OTK boot at all ! but the Prada OTK On neiman marcus website are totally hot. only downside is the price tag :( b/c unless your a page six girl I don’t see its justified to shell out the cash for a boot that you may only wear a couple times out the year; but those prada are totally sexy.

  • Amanda K.

    I’ve always wanted the perfect pair of over the knee boots!~ I should probably get a pair before my calves get big. =P

  • Serynn

    I would probably twist my ankles and walk weird wearing these, but they’re definitely good to admire from afar. :P

  • Merve

    I definitely want over the knee boots but maybe ones that dont have such a high platform. I have to say Im a bit worried i’ll get unwanted stares in the streets. I have the exact opposite problem to you Amanda. God decided to give me a normal if not slightly podgy top half and these super skinny legs that no matter which boots i try on i look like im wearing wellies. Has been nightmare in the past so im thinking will these things stay up on me?

  • sKelly: www.theworldlywriter.com

    they’d fit my arms. And if they fit my legs, it wouldn’t be for leaving the house.

  • JCB

    I have two pairs of otk boots (black leather and tan suede) from last year that I have not gotten a chance to wear since I live in Miami and there’s no such thing as winter and barely even fall here. Mines are not high end as I can’t see myself spending that much on shoes that you can’t pull out everyday. I think a more toned down version of otk boots are very wearable if dressed up right and less hookerish especially in suede.

  • bindc

    No no no. On many many different levels. No.

  • dani_twotwo

    like most of the other responses, the ysl boots shown here are boots i would NEVER wear! too many things against it like its too high, tight and made from leather…aka hooker boots! lol.

    i actually plan to wear the trend though, but i want boots that are suade, black and kinda slouchy? if you know what i mean. with less then 2 inch heels! -has to be sturdy heels as well.

    im kinda short though 5’4” and it never occured to me that i might not be able to fit it over my knees or calves..so we will see if i find a pair of boots that will meet my requirements. =P

    i think it would be cute with either skinny jeans or leggings and black tights with a short dress or short-shorts over them besides the bare legs option. but im in my early 20’s so i think i can get away with it?

  • renee

    If you can’t wear them in front of your dad leave them in the bedroom and buy a cheap pair at the local adult supply shoppe.

  • Mika

    They would look nicely if you go for an edgy look, maybe combined with a short light-coloured peplum dress and a short black jacket, but alas, I don’t work in fashion so I can’t make this outfit happen :(

  • Jill

    I would totally rock these boots with some sexy jeans! Ive always been a fan of the over the knee look.

  • MarkPolly

    We are shoe and boot lovers. Adicted to the trends. This fall is great, what a selection and choice, stop bloody whinning, there is a top line boot out there weather you are short, tall, slim or curvy. Polly is a perfect 10UK (ex house model) After seeing the sued version of these http://www.global14.com/giuseppe-zanotti-boots in Harrods we hunted the internet and found the leather ones in Sweeden of all places. The outfit will be, leather legings (Joseph) and the blazer from the runway by Belmain, to hell with the cost, this out fit will cause gridlock in London, (boots arrive today)
    The YSL boots will not work as the strap around the top will pull the boot down, it also interupts the line. For flats Polly is having the Prada OTK ridding boot but in Black.
    The Gucci thigh high Division boot in leather is on order, have tried the ankle version and the heel and platform are both sexy and elegant.
    I hate it when you talk about hookerish and Pretty women, yes if you buy cheap crap and then over dress the rest then you will hook like cheap crap, fundimental stuff i think. exuse my spelling, I am dyslexic. Happy shopping. Mark

  • Kjon

    I just pre-ordered the Prada OTK riding boot and I can’t wait to get them (: I’m going to wear them with jeans tucked in for a more subdued look but I mostly excited to wear them with a tee-shirt dress and a TSE cashmere shawl cardigan that I also pre-ordered from NM!! I’m looking very forward to Fall.

  • Katters

    i have over-the-knee boots(2 pairs, actually) but they’re flat and suede. i LOVE LOVE LOVE them, they look so cute with leggings or dresses for class or lunches and shorts for my lazy days.

  • arisa

    I have fringe flat otk boots from last fall but I’m thinking of getting a flat otk for this fall in black suede. The fringe one looks great on (I am 5’1 and have very skinny legs). They do not make me look short they actually make me look taller – and i think if people wth big calfs wear them (if you can find one that fits) the otk will make your legs look smaller.

  • JadeH

    I have always been a trend setter. I had over the knees boots before they became the rave they are now. Plus I had thme in flats! Now I have several pairs and some are with heels. I am 5’11 in flat feet so you can imagine how tall I will be with the heel. But so, be it. Many wish they could be tall (which is why so many shoes carry a 4 inch heel) I just love the fall fashion!

  • Kristin

    I bought a pair of Versace over the knee boots for the season and they are perfect. I am only 5’8, so a 4″ heel is perfect for someone my size.

  • IzaLBC

    i myself can’t do stiletto heels either… and i also have pretty large and muscular calves (17″ to be exact lolz) but i am extremely fond of this fall/winter’s new trend in the over the knee boots. a lot of people say that they aren’t made for thicker set girls but i beg to differ… i bought a very affordable pair of faux suede flat otk boots in black that are quite stretchy on the inside so that it fits my calf without making the material on the outside look tight and unflattering… havent worn them out yet but they look great with shorts (i live in California so its a must lolz) leggings and jeans… i’m totally taking your advice on making sure to tone down anything else i wear with the boots because they are quite attention grabbing pieces… i hope i can convince more thick girls to try these out and to not be intimidated!

  • Thoargotof

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