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  • Gpc

    Amanda, what a great selection as I have been thinking about the versatility of a metallic bag. I have a request – I would LOVE to see a PB feature on a selection of day to night bags – I am struggling to find one that truly fits the bill.

    • Glad you like the list! I’ll definitely put a “day-to-night” post on our to-do list.

  • Sandy

    Wow…most metallic bags in the past, no matter the price, looked like someone just painted them with a can of spray paint. I disliked them immensely. The list here however, there are several really great bags. I still would what to see them IRL but it appears there is potential here. The Givenchy bags…and the Saint Laurent…the little Chloe Drew, so nice.

    • I totally agree–I think metallic finishes have come a long way in the past few seasons, and the look has gotten a lot subtler and more wearable. One of the best ways to achieve that is to combine the metallic finish with some sort of texture, which helps break up the shine a little bit. Several of the bags on this list demonstrate it beautifully!

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  • Mya Wilkes

    A metallic bag has been on my list for forever! Lovely set of bags here.

  • Sofia

    I have a Chanel jumbo maxi that’s gold with GHW. It’s borderline tacky, but I love it.

    • raymundrockette

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  • Stina Sias

    “Inappropriately bright” is my mantra year round! Viva neon!

  • Passerine

    My favorite is the Lanvin tote. Earlier this year I looked at the Jimmy Choo Ally shoulder bag in a smoke metallic. On their web site it look like aluminum foil silver, but when you saw it in person it was much smokier and more subtle. I now really wish I’d bought it, because Jimmy Choo is apparently discontinuing the bag. It was a great shoulder bag, easy to wear, well made, and very good quality. I’m sad!

  • FashionableLena

    I love a metallic bag. I have a fuschia one by Rebecca Minkoff that I love. Personally, I don’t think of bags as being season with the exception of straw bags. The Valentino, Furla, and Givenchy are my favorites. I like the effect of the Stella McCartney, but I don’t like the Falabella bags. It’s also nice to see a wide range of prices.
    My one issue with the metallic bags is that the finish rubs off.

  • Ghi

    obsessed with this post and metallic bags in general. these bags are gorgeous. I just bought a new metallic/champagne gold Gucci Soho crossbody bag on Monday. makes me feel even better about my purchase!

  • shopper

    My favorite is the Lanvin. I love metallic but only but inexpensive bags in metallic because it doesn’t wear well. The Lanvin is already distressed so a little more wear would only add to the beauty. (I can’t help it, I’m too practical!)

  • dela

    Great selection all around. During the dying days of eluxury.com, I got a Tod’s metallic patchwork bag for my mom. It is the best metallic I have seen. It is so soft, understated and the pewter color is subtle, and it has aged very well. I do wonder why it has taken other brands so long to master the art of a good metallic bag.

    Side Note: The Tod’s bag retailed for $1800 in 2008, and I am happy their prices haven’t outpaced inflation unlike many other brands.

  • Sparkletastic

    I loooooove metallic bags and these are some great picks. My metallics are the last bags in my collection that I need to update.

    I lust after that Dior but I don’t know that I’d carry it enough to justify the price.

    The Sac du Jour looks lush. I wish it was a teeny but larger but I’m keeping it on my radar.

    This is first Balenciaga that I’ve ever liked. I think it is because it doesn’t have all the hanging strings.

    But, that Philip Lim may have to be mine.

  • StephanieCCarr

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