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Salvatore Ferragamo may be known for shoes, but the new line of handbags has me swooning. Not just a little bit of love, but there is a heavy amount of lust, or yearning, of floating on cloud 9. Part of the problem that many of us face with Ferragamo handbags is that we do not see the full line, the entire array. If only there were the entire collection available at Saks or Neiman Marcus, I know the sales online would sky rocket.

The Ferragamo office in NYC decided to tempt Purse Blog in a way that is just wrong, sending us the Salvatore Ferragamo Oversized Carlotta Alligator Tote to review.

This handbag is a dream bag, a bag that I only could find in my dreams. Because the price makes it way out of my league and the dreamy alligator skin on such a large bag puts me into my dream of driving to our Hamptons home in our Morgan Aero 8. So without the Hamptons home, the Morgan 8, and the bag, I am left in reality. But I’d rather dream. This bag is a piece of art. But not just art, wearable art. That is the beauty of this handbag. It is not just a collector’s item, or an expensive item, or an art piece, it is functional. And I yearn for it.

So I said expensive, right? And I meant expensive. It is time to let you down a bit (and by a bit I mean a whole lot). The Salvatore Ferragamo Carlotta Tote will set you back $35,000. No, I did not get the comma wrong nor did I add an extra zero. But the price is to be expected. This is a HUGE bag. By oversized they truly mean oversized. And this is why I continued to say that this handbag is the perfect weekend getaway travel companion. The bag that you throw your Hermes scarves and resort items into and jet off for the weekend (in the Morgan 8 if I could!).

But the beauty of the bag speaks for itself. The shape can be seen from clutches to oversized totes from Ferragamo this season. The luscious silver alligator is super soft and smooshy, not highly structured or stiff at all. Vlad and I opened the box and stared. Stared at this bag as if we had hit the lotto jack pot. Really? A bag of this caliber was sitting in our house looking us in the eye, begging us to try it on, put it over my shoulder, and throw it in the car. I did all but throwing it in the car. But I wore this bag around the house. It could be an everyday bag, but this is truly more of a weekend getaway bag. I can only imagine pulling up to a resort or my second home as all the onlookers gawked and stared. Yes, they would, and again, I need to pinch myself because this just a dream.

Vlad loved photographing this bag. Everything about the details will not let you down, but then again, what else would you expect from Ferragamo? Ferragamo is known for the most perfectly fitting shoes (I only have one pair, but I ADORE them!). And now, Ferragamo is on my map for handbags. Forget their shoes, I shall go barefoot if this bag could ever be mine. Inquire at your local Ferragamo boutique. Also, you can buy Salvatore Ferragamo at Saks.

Edit: I found the estimated dimensions from Ferragamo, 20 inches long and 15 inches high.

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  • Cindy Maher

    Now this is a gray bag that I like!

  • Shannon

    this bag is 100% gorgeous!!!! now… if i could only find that extra 35K i have laying around somewhere…

  • This bag is gorrrrrrgeous. I saw the same shape in some slightly more affordable materials (including an incredibly beautiful, deep wine patent) at NM in Atlanta. I was really surprised at how gorgeous it was.

  • pursefan

    It´s a beautiful tote, no doubt – but if, by any chance I happend to run into an extra 35K, I´d still go and get myself that LV Neverfull choco croc!

  • raspberry

    $35k is more affordable than the Chanel Biarritz ($50k). The colour is gorgeous, a little irridescent and greeyyyy….. *swoon*. I would need a 2nd job to afford this one.

  • black bacarra

    I think I will lie down now… Like Amanda, grey is my favorite neutral but there is no way I can afford this bag without committing a crime. I will just have to dream and drool and hope this never reaches South East Asia as I will at least have the excuse of not seeing it in person for inability to buy.


  • This bag is perfection all around. Definitely would have one if I had that kind of money.

  • tina

    oh my holiness! I’d die for that bag! G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! and Vlad, what stunning shots of the bags! I’m drooling over it :) I LOVE grey bag!!!!

  • I can not explain to you all the love I have for this bag… it runs so deep. In fact, we are going to have one of the clutches sent to us (off this model) to shoot and review!

  • Mimi

    DROOL!!! Oh my gosh…this bag is stunning! STUNNING!!! I wonder how much I could get for my kidney! :-)

  • Ellez

    Kidney? I’d give my heart! It’s already lost to this bag anyway ; )

  • pursecrzy

    Wow! Love this bag. Gorgeous colour.

    Great pics Vlad.

  • FLBagaholic

    This is truly a tone of grey I could accept, LIVE with for many years, then leave in my will. Definitely on the must have list. I continue to love the elegance of ET Ferragamo

  • Bonnie

    Meg, can you include the measurements of all the bags you review to give us an idea of the size?

  • Merve

    Oh my god you have found the holy grail

  • pursefan

    Thank you so much guys for your comments on this bag – especially Megs, Ellez and pursecrzy. Sometimes, when I fall in love with a bag so deeply that it almost hurts, I wonder whether I´m the only one, who feels that way. My friends are into fashion, but definitly not the way I am. Now I know, I´m not alone :-) So have a nice weekend, everybody.

  • Bonnie, I meant to measure this one. Let me get the dimensions for you. It is LARGE.

  • jackie725

    Droooooooool, swooooooon and, YUM-MY!!!!!!! This bag is beautiful and now a new obsession. I am already a big, big fan of Ferragamo bags and shoes but this sends it to a whole new level. I hope Santa is watching cause now that I’ve seen this bag, I’m going to be very, very nice:). Great pics, Vlad!

  • Bonnie, I posted dimensions : 20 inches long and 15 inches high approx

  • Sunshine

    Great review Megs!!! This is one hell of a hot bag…the price just kind of scares me. The detail is amazing though and how fun to get to (cautiously) walk around your house dreaming the dream with that baby on your shoulder!!

  • emily*

    This is B E A U T I F U L!

  • Carlotta (aka Carlie)

    Finally, a bag with my name! Why can’t it be in my price range though lol??? (sigh) Gorgeous bag though. :)

  • Sternchen

    OMG! It’s a gorgeous bag, but that price tag…

  • Chriseve

    *drool* I’d go with a Ferragamo made exotic over a Chanel one any day! LOVE IT!

  • mmmpurses!

    What a fabulous DREAM bag! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

  • Sophia

    My God, Ferragamo is just rocking recently!! A couple years ago I have only heard about their shoes, and all of a sudden all these beauties come at you from the department store websites and magazines, and I’m now buying my third Ferragamo bag! Good thing this bag is not my style (but I agree it’s absolutely lovely and can just see how so many ladies would die/kill for this tote), otherwise my bank account wouldn’t withstand this shock! Keep it up Ferragamo! I have now been officially converted as a full-fledged Ferragamo fan!

  • xxmicahxx

    I’m over the moon! This is holy grail of all holy grails! Must have $35k!

  • TygerKitty

    Oh heaven in a bag! Heaven in those pictures! Goodness gracious that looks lovely and is begging to be touched; sadly I just bump my fingers into the flat computer screen *sigh*. I should have never read this review for that bag is gorgeous and will never be in my budget! Thanks for the review and pics though Megs and Vlad! I’m incredibly jealous!

  • jburgh

    Megs, I’m with you on this bag…it is absolutely breathtaking. I have seen this style in leather and it is such a great size. My favorite aspect of Ferragamo is how style is married with practicality. And, they do alligator so well, so very well. I have a small Ferragamo grey alligator bag and it has it’s own shrine, lol! You are so lucky to have touched that one.

  • xxmicahxx

    Hey Ferragamo, I’m really interested in making a review for this bag. Just send it to my address! LOL!

  • gbagit23


  • Anita

    I am so glad that you did this article on Ferragamo, they have made so many beautiful bags this season! There is a similar bag like this one in suede that is to die for and I believe for under $2000 at NM. I think Ferragamo hit a home run this season, I’d like to see gold hardware though.

  • Anita

    Ferragamo is no more for the older woman, they have made some hot stylish young bags this season. I’m excited!

  • Kellybag

    With a name like Carlotta…how can you go wrong? lol

  • Noida

    If you wish to send me the bag for free,thanks:)

  • Orchid

    I don’t think i’ll ever be able to afford this…

  • JJ

    the supple croc skin is gorgeous and everything but… a 35k bag AND THE INTERNAL ZIPPER IS *PLASTIC*???

    I cannot wrap my mind around *WHY* there is no RIRI/Lampo zipper inside. I’m sorry, but that is just ridiculous. if I expect it on a 800 dollar bag, I expect at least a gorgeous internal platinum riri on a thirty five thousand dollar bag.

  • Lorinda

    Thats CRAZY!!! Some poor sweet aligator lost its life so that somebody could carry it around and stuff all of their crap into it,(that is if they can afford to buy a walett ,make-up,cigs, etc.)The price of this beauty that should be hanging around in a swamp and not on some rich bitches arm is outrageous!! I mean please give me a break here ok!!

  • jratnawati

    oh my GOD!!!
    i’m beyond words for this tote”

  • Kylie

    Where can I find this bag?! Would this be a boutique exclusive or could I find it at a department store. This is a beauty!

  • Jason

    That is pathectic! It’s disgusting that not only a poor animal lost it’s life to be someones handbag, but the fact that some sick rich freak can justify that much for a bag. It’s sad, and it just goes to show what an unthoughtful consumerist society we are. And if the internal zipper being plastic is your biggest worry…. maybe you should step back and chek into reality. A $35,000 would be much better going to a starving family, or opening up an animal shelter, but an animal shelter would be an oxy moron for you since you are looking at this disgusting piece of animal skin. It disgusts me what a glutonous society we are.

  • myfairestlady28


  • Antipodean

    Actually a crocodile could definitely feed a starving family.
    Here in Australia there are Aborigines who still hunt and rely on crocs for food. Crocodiles get culled when they’ve been breeding too well because they all get hungry and come looking for people! Crocs don’t die for handbags, they die because no one wants to get eaten by one.
    By the way, for something that’s made out of a muddy old crocodile that’s a really beautiful bag!!

  • Jason

    Antipodean: are these crocodiles that are killed in the outback used for handbags? I doubt… try farmed crocodiles

  • L.A.

    Slap me if I ever pay that much for a handbag, esp. in this economy!

  • Liz

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLOP !!! GORGEOUS

  • purselover

    It’s so ignorant to buy a crocodile handbag, first of all big companies do not kill the crocodiles that are free in Australia that try to eat people, they buy the skin from farms where the killing methods are barbaric: Crocodiles are often caught with huge hooks and wires and reeled in when they drown or become weakened from blood loss, so the skin looks better.
    “Snakes, lizards, and alligators may not be cute and cuddly, but they feel pain and suffer just as any other animal does,”

    Be chic, be educated, have values…

  • Shannon

    Even though I would never buy an exotic bag, I cannot deny that this bag is absolutely GORGEOUS. I love the color, its not too dull, and is so pretty! And the hardware complements it so nicely!

  • ihey

    absolutely stunning! but do you think the thin handle will be strong enough for such a big bag?

  • cathealey


    Is the bag made of alligator or crocodile?
    There’s a big difference. Alligator only comes from 4 locations in the US, while croc is common. Alligator is soft and supple while croc is boney.

  • Cat – it is indeed alligator. For sure. This bag is ridiculously amazing!!!

  • rolawr

    I have been a fan of Ferragamo bags for a few years–the shoes are a bit unsexy compared to Louboutin, or this fab line from Menora, Spain, Mascara. But, I live in NYC and have been lucky enough to get Ferr. on sale at Saks and Bloomingdales.Keep an eye out for big sales with extra discounts on Private Sale days. The quality of Ferragamo bags is unmatched by any other premium designers- I have some for 8 years and when I pull them out, I get tons of compliments because they are classic but with a twist. The stitching of the outside and the inside lining is perfect. And, if anything needs fixing, they will fix it for you. Seriously, great customer care. Be confident that the money you spend will be an investment for years to come. Another place to find used Ferragamos in good condition is Ebay-I lost one of my Ferrs and though it took me two years of diligence, I replace it from Ebay for a great price. And it was unused!! Good luck!

  • Niuniu

    Love love love it sooooooo much

    Also l bought some handbags

    High quality only a little monay

  • Rashida

    Pretty! I wish I had 35K lol!

  • Erin

    Not loving the croc or alligator skin. I’ve never been a fan of reptile skin bags. The color is nice though, beautiful hardware. If the above comments are true about the method in which reptiles are killed for their skin, that’s terrible.
    This is much less important, but still… as for the inside zipper being plastic…that sucks. I would expect a really nice, couture quality zipper in a bag that literally costs as much as a car!

  • Assiya

    I love this bag, this is my dream bag – structure, size,etc. – just perfect… But! I will never buy the bag fro 35 000, doesn’t matter how much I wish for it. (fb)