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Salvatore Ferragamo may be known for shoes, but the new line of handbags has me swooning. Not just a little bit of love, but there is a heavy amount of lust, or yearning, of floating on cloud 9. Part of the problem that many of us face with Ferragamo handbags is that we do not see the full line, the entire array. If only there were the entire collection available at Saks or Neiman Marcus, I know the sales online would sky rocket.

The Ferragamo office in NYC decided to tempt Purse Blog in a way that is just wrong, sending us the Salvatore Ferragamo Oversized Carlotta Alligator Tote to review.

This handbag is a dream bag, a bag that I only could find in my dreams. Because the price makes it way out of my league and the dreamy alligator skin on such a large bag puts me into my dream of driving to our Hamptons home in our Morgan Aero 8. So without the Hamptons home, the Morgan 8, and the bag, I am left in reality. But I’d rather dream. This bag is a piece of art. But not just art, wearable art. That is the beauty of this handbag. It is not just a collector’s item, or an expensive item, or an art piece, it is functional. And I yearn for it.

So I said expensive, right? And I meant expensive. It is time to let you down a bit (and by a bit I mean a whole lot). The Salvatore Ferragamo Carlotta Tote will set you back $35,000. No, I did not get the comma wrong nor did I add an extra zero. But the price is to be expected. This is a HUGE bag. By oversized they truly mean oversized. And this is why I continued to say that this handbag is the perfect weekend getaway travel companion. The bag that you throw your Hermes scarves and resort items into and jet off for the weekend (in the Morgan 8 if I could!).

But the beauty of the bag speaks for itself. The shape can be seen from clutches to oversized totes from Ferragamo this season. The luscious silver alligator is super soft and smooshy, not highly structured or stiff at all. Vlad and I opened the box and stared. Stared at this bag as if we had hit the lotto jack pot. Really? A bag of this caliber was sitting in our house looking us in the eye, begging us to try it on, put it over my shoulder, and throw it in the car. I did all but throwing it in the car. But I wore this bag around the house. It could be an everyday bag, but this is truly more of a weekend getaway bag. I can only imagine pulling up to a resort or my second home as all the onlookers gawked and stared. Yes, they would, and again, I need to pinch myself because this just a dream.

Vlad loved photographing this bag. Everything about the details will not let you down, but then again, what else would you expect from Ferragamo? Ferragamo is known for the most perfectly fitting shoes (I only have one pair, but I ADORE them!). And now, Ferragamo is on my map for handbags. Forget their shoes, I shall go barefoot if this bag could ever be mine. Inquire at your local Ferragamo boutique. Also, you can buy Salvatore Ferragamo at Saks.

Edit: I found the estimated dimensions from Ferragamo, 20 inches long and 15 inches high.

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