I wrote about the Gucci Sukey Large Tote a few months ago, and when I saw it available for pre-order in a new trim color on Saks.com today, I thought it might be worth revisiting.

Because, to be honest, the climate for logo bags has changed, as has the climate for anything obviously expensive, since the first incarnation of this bag came out. Since then, the US (and much of the world) economy has imploded, millions are out of jobs, and many have seen their retirements shrink to nearly nothing.

Gucci Sukey Large Tote

So…why in the world do I still like this bag? Because I do. A lot. Even though I hate logo bags in general, and have for quite some time, I still have a small place in my heart for Gucci’s signature fabric. And I still think this bag is well-designed, despite the logos. The lines are simple, it’s functional, but it still has a bit of subtle chicness to it. Plus it’s a bag from a major designer for under a grand. Not too bad, even if it’s not really a recession must-have. Buy through Saks for $850.

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  • Sunshine

    I adore this bag!!! I wish it was the coated crystal. Regardless I LOVE it and will look for it with white handles.

  • dela

    This bag has that canvas bag appeal that can take you from the pool to a dinner with friends. It would look great with a white shift and rough-cut stone bracelet.

    As far as logos are concerned, a LV Damier bag is the closet I have ever come to carrying a logo bag, I still think logs are getting a bad rap lately. Logos have never really been popular with the truly fashionable elite and now they are being beaten to death in the name of sinking economy. Chanel 2.55 is every bit as recognizable and the plethora of exotics possesses even more snob appeal. Even in the worst of times, I hope we can steer clear of being offended or making judgments based on people’s materialistic possessions because that could lead to a deeply resentful society.

  • PhotoGirl

    I like it very much.
    I will admit that I have a soft spot for Gucci: I have always loved it. In fact, I have some vintage Gucci from the 70s that my mom passed on to me. If I had the budget, this is a bag that I’d seriously consider.

    That said, I’m really pleased to read an acknowledgement of these dfficult economic times here. It can’t be easy for you to do when luxury goods are your mainstay, so I truly appreciate it. I would love it if you would feature a few gorgeous bags in the $100-200 price range. Surely they must exist. Let’s see them! It would be so great to read about something that I could actually consider buying. (Or if you’ve already done this and I missed it, point me in the right direction. I’m relatively new here. Thanks!)

  • Sarah

    It is funny. I own only one bag that has any logo pattern on it, and that was a Louis Vuitton tote I received as a gift. However, I was on the Saks website yesterday and saw this bag, and fell in love. I had no idea why I liked it, it may be the blue trim that complements the pattern. I love this bag.

  • Ruth

    I have this bag in the medium size, with white trim, and it is adorable. I swore to myself that I would never own Gucci logo canvas, but when I saw the Sukey, I couldn’t resist. It’s a simple, yet feminine and functional shape that shmooshes to the body comfortably. That said, this large version is HUGE in real life! I wanted it (I always gravitate towards big bags) but it was too big even for my liking. The medium is perfection!

  • dela


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  • mette

    There is nothing wrong with this bag. It would look great with jeans in the summer. The price is ok. It´s me. I´m just bored with canvas logo bags.

  • Beth

    Eh, it doesn’t do much for me. I have an old Dooney & Bourke that is pretty similar — canvas, same leather. I don’t understand what makes this so special. I get Vuitton. I get Marc Jacobs. I just don’t get Gucci….

  • Ana

    I get the canvass for Louis Vuitton, it’s one of a kind coated canvas, and although Gucci (with other bags) tries similar, it’s coated canvas tends to look cheap. This bag, is just plain canvas with a logo. Wholesale, it would be (cost price) less than a hundred bucks, and it’s marked up to pay for Gucci’s expenses. I can accept a LV markup for logo, but Gucci logo isn’t anything unique. Come to think of it, Gucci and other Italian houses, like Prada and Miu Miu, over overrated in terms of quality and value.

  • Urooj

    I agree that it is nice to talk about the rough economic times we’re having here, with all that going on owning some of the bags discussed on the site seems like a distant dream! What are some good (logo or not) designer bags out there for upto $300? My wallet may be broke but not my spirit for bags!!

  • Linda

    I never have and probably never will buy a canvas handbag. The closest thing I’ve bought was an LL Bean tote which I take to the beach! While I love the lines of this bag, I’d rather see it in a chocolate leather! I feel really bad though. I just returned a stunning classic Gucci leather handbag to Bergdorf’s. It was a single braided strap Pelham hobo. Zip top and horsebit detailing. When I brought it home I realized the leather was almost identical to another black hobo bag I owned and I just couldn’t justify spending $1400!!! This economy isn’t a joke and I’m a bagaholic so I have to be really careful! But if someone wanted to buy a really classic handbag that would resist time, that sure was the bag!

  • Crista

    Love this. I’m definitely always thinking ‘how to avoid a diaper bag?’ and this fits the bill. I love it’s depth. The blue is so pretty too and very fresh.

  • chirpy_gal

    Its cute… and I love Gucci as always :)

  • Terri

    I love this bag and and also like the Gucci logo, I think it will be a great summer bag!!!!

  • Shanna

    This bag is super cute! I saw the medium sized one on Neiman Marcus and i almost fell out my seat……I myself said that i was not going to purchase logo bags anymore, but after seeing this cutie i am having second thoughts. I may have to make an exception just for Gucci!

  • dee


  • niknaks1973

    It’s a great affordable bag. I just purchased one with the beige trim and the GG logo on the trim. Great for the summer!!

  • daria

    this bag is super! perfect for someone who is always on the go and carries a lot of stuff. i would love to have one!

  • stylish09

    my friend just got this bag for me in HI….she’s back now and i’ll be getting it tomorrow!!! can’t wait! off-white leather trim with signature canvas

  • zee

    i love this bag so much….
    bring it one!!!

  • Miss Lai Lai

    I saw this bag in the Gucci shop in Jakarta, and I was so drawn to it. But I was already in the process of purchasing a speedy Damier. I contemplated on putting of the damier for this first, but I thought, no, no no..

    I have been thinking about this bag for the past two days. I so love it…

    And I am thinking about getting it, but but..I will be broke for the next few months if I do! =\

    and love the blue handle, it’s rare.

  • Adry

    I was on my way home, at Heathrow airport when I stopped at the Gucci Store in terminal 5 and saw the bag: 8 am, still trying to wake up and was love at first sight!!!! I love the bag. It’s big enough as a tote yet it can be totally stylish!!! I didn’t even asked how much it cost, just bought it. Took it home and every single one of my friends would ask me where have I bought it. Logo bags in latin america have a bad rep since there is so much counterfiting; however, I don’t care. I know I have an original one and only those who own and know about original ones can see mine is no fake. Love designer bags, one more to my collection!

  • Maddie

    I just got it! For Christmass! Luvvv it, if your thinking of getting it…THEN GET IT!!! Its just perfect, the handles are small and cute, but you can throw it over your shoulder and it fits just lovely. The side opens up, and its actually hugee!

  • Frida

    I just got the last piece of this exact bag for 30% off… just before the (Paragon, Singapore) store closed! It was such a rush and totally worth it. I’ve been eyeing for this blue trim, so great it was on sale ’cause the white and brown ones weren’t. I was told I wouldn’t have seen it on the shelf if I had come earlier and who knows if it’s still going to be there if I had decided to come back tomorrow.

  • Melissa

    I just bought the bag today in LARGE with the off-white leather trim. I feel the same as many of you: that Gucci logo isn’t as appealing as Louis, in fact, I am a bigger fan of LV than Gucci. BUT, I can’t help but to say this bag is ADORABLE. The size is big in real life but guess what? After you stuff something in there it actually shapes it up so it doesn’t look too saggy or anything. If you are still wondering for a bag to use in Spring, I’d say get this bag! $850 bucks for now and who knows, the price might go up later on~

  • Peaches

    Purchased this bag in December 2009 at the Gucci store on Lexington Ave NYC. I intially don’t want logos all over my bags and wanted to update from my original Gucci tote, found this bag to be the perfect size and the subtle sophistication made it worth my purchasing it. Has a quiet flair to it that can transition from day to night. Love it!

  • Nat

    i love it, i think its beautiful and very versatile. about the logos i have to say i loooooove a logo. want it all over my bags. as long as its a vuitton, chanel, gucci….

  • beanyce126

    luv the sukey, wish i had it the large, but the medium will do for now. (ipad)

  • lorelie.galang

    i love it,

  • lorelie.galang

    good morning sis how much for euro this bag ,thanks,pls inbox me…………..