Yesterday, Amanda and I popped into the Tod’s showroom to preview the Spring 2012 collection. Seriously you guys and gals, this collection is so absolutely fantastic that I can barely contain my joy – even at this moment. Last month when Amanda posted a sneak peek of what Tod’s had in store for us for the upcoming season, I already started to feel a bit of handbag-yearning. But upon seeing this bags up close and personal, my yearning has turned to a full-on obsession.

Tod’s has never let me down when it comes to quality products and classic designs, but in the past few years, Tod’s has lacked that certain “oomph”. Sure, the bags are gorgeous and well-made, but they were almost too demure and too classic to grab my attention. All of these problems have been fixed in the Tod’s Spring 2012 Collection, where bright colors, unique combinations and wearable designs reign supreme.

Let me start with the bad, which is only bad in the financial sense. The bag that I had my little heart set on and wanted the most from this collection is made of sueded alligator and will cost over $30,000. I walked into the showroom knowing exactly which bag I wanted to scout out and I immediately asked our Tod’s tour guide for the price, hoping that it was stamped croc instead of the real thing. At that exact moment, I felt the awful reality of knowing that this bag would never be mine. However, if that is the only bad news we have with this collection, I’ll take it. We snapped photos for your enjoyment, so join me in pining over a bag majority of us will never be able to afford.

The rest of the collection focused on touches of old mixed with new. The new bag release of the season is the “Lunchbox Bag,” over which Tod’s is justifiably quite excited. Very lady-like and structured, this bag is meant to be handheld and gives a good bit of visual pleasantries without trying too hard.

If you go away from this post knowing one thing, know that Tod’s exotic skins are stunning. The color combinations and finishes on their bags were making Amanda and I “ooh and ahh” all over the showroom. Subtle yet alluring, Tod’s took on an array of python skin that can turn any non-reptile bag lover into a fan. Tod’s is back in the game and will always be here to stay.

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  • Ashleyg


  • edoardo

    The blue croc bag is so shiny and cool!

  • ReneeO

    OMG! Sueded alligator! Wow! I really really want that blue bag too. And the orange one. And a lunchbox.
    No budget for the blue, maybe I can get a lunchbox. You are right—the whole collection is FAB!!!

  • Stills

    Love green bag and shoes!

  • ellenbakes

    Oh man…that’s not fair! Of course I love the orange bag, which has a price tag in the stratosphere I’m sure. Shoot.

  • binkysmom

    Love, love, love the blue sueded croc! Alas, unless I win a big lottery, I’ll never have it. But thanks for providing the pics!

  • mimi

    The Blue is sooooo stunning! Reminds me of the Mykonos color birkin!! always love this color !

  • Kat

    I love the D-bag, but forget the bags! I want those gomminos in a rainbow of colors!

  • Alice

    I agree 100% what you wrote. Tod’s is very classic and sometimes has a very boring style, but this time things changes a little. In Italy we do not consider Tod’s a Top one (like Gucci or Prada) and these prices, beeing quite frankly do not justify this brand, which wants to move from “here” to up in the heaven. I do not thnk it will work (in Italy not for sure)

  • Sil

    i feel your pain too, that turquoise bag is stunning!
    and the rest were also pretty gotgeous, i specially liked the green lunchbox bag

  • mochababe73

    I could go for a Lunchbox Bag and a pair of loafers. I bought a pair of Tod’s loafers at a resale shop, and I LOVE them. They are so comfortable. I’m always on the hunt for another pair.

  • J Umm


  • Blaine

    Nana will love these loafers!

  • nnenna

    Just got my first tod bag last week……i cannot begin to explain how i feel about the colour and design….the design is similar to the taupe bag in this post but the colour…a milky grey into taupe…i am in love, and i refuse to carry the bag out…just stare and smile….hehehe

  • karol lourenco

    I dont like these kind of shoes, but the photo is perfect!!!!!!!


  • Babs

    Love TOD’S…but they need to freshen things up all around…not just by using exotics…

  • Shirley J