Chloe Polka Dots Leather BagCall me crazy, but I can kind of see what Chloe was going for here. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they accomplished it, but I think I know where they were headed.

See, there’s these people called “hipsters.” They’re the ones that have been wearing skinny jeans since 2003, and Wayfarers as well. They shop for lamé leggings at American Apparel and live in Brooklyn (or Silverlake or East Atlanta or any other number of enclaves) and are responsible for a lot of music, most of it terrible but some of it reasonably good. They also wear some ridiculous accessories and handbags, most of them vintage, and most of them looking strangely like the Chloe Polka Dots Leather bag.

And since these hipster people can be thanked as either the starters or early adopters of a lot of what we see going on in fashion today, I can’t blame Chloe for giving them a nod. The thing about borrowing from hipsters, though, is that you have to be very careful about what you take and how you interpret it, and this particular bag is probably a bit too far over the line to be successful. It’s kind of cute as a novelty piece, but as a bag for a serious purse lover, I don’t think it measures up. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1450.

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  • Beth

    This makes abso-freakin’-lutely no sense to me. And the color is ugly. What were they thinking?

  • poodle

    are you kidding me? $1500 for that piece-o-(insert profanity here). i never liked chloe bags but this just the icing on the cake. always looking and feeling waaaay too cheap for the price, this looks like my grandmother’s bag from 1987 with my teeny bopper 80’s scarf tied around it…good god…why do people like this brand?????

  • lisa

    chloe needs phoebe philo back!

  • Kim

    Ick! Maybe someone who has so much money they are bored, so they think, “why not try this little hideous thing? It’s only daddy’s money…I’m sooo bored…”

  • !!!

    wow. while i think that you have some accuracy in describing the “hipster”, yr still off. i went to art school. i KNOW these people. they are my friends, they are my enemies. no one i know would touch that atrocious purse with a 10 ft. pole. most scarf-bag accents are tied around the strap/handle. and even the wealthiest hipsters i know wouldn’t spend that on a purse. they’d rather get new frye boots or something. hipsters stick mostly to vintage because it is kitsch. and while many emulate chloe looks, this just ain’t happenin. unless it’s a REAL stupid hipster bitch. then, of course, i guess yr right.

    • I was saying that this looked like Chloe trying to copy from the look (which is often completely hideous in its own right), not necessarily that this is exactly what a hipster would wear. I think they lost something in translation here.

  • susan


  • Terri

    Not a fan of this purse mainly it’s color. If your going for kitsch it should be more colorful. Any hoo, just a comment about the article ” Why so grouchy!”. You sounded like the grumpy old man complaining about those blasted kids to ” Get off my lawn!”.

  • 19yearslater

    Take away the bow and its a boring, ugly bag. With the bow it’s very awkward. It kind of looks like a leather scarf was tied around it; but you’re right- lost in translation.

  • pursemama

    I love Chloe but they miss the mark on this one….totally!

  • Diane

    YES! YES! YES! Chloe hasn’t made a decent bag since the Paddingtons! BRING BACK PHOEBE PLEASE!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    this would be better if the purse underneath was more feminine (fb)

  • hamda

    the concept is not that bad but it is i think not presented very well,just little more effort may be can make the bag look better