Before we get into the details of this review, let’s deal with the obvious: the Halston Heritage Brandy Satchel is shaped an awful lot like the Louis Vuitton Mahina Bags. With how popular Mahina has been for LV, it’s certainly no surprise that other designers have adopted the shape for themselves in hopes of scooping up customers who may not want to spend three grand on a handbag.

For those customers, this bag is certainly a stylish option, and the overall aesthetic has been tweaked enough that it doesn’t appear to be an outright Vuitton ripoff. In fact, the tactile, slightly sparkly sueded finish to the leather reminds me a lot of the Balenciaga/Neiman Marcus anniversary bags.

I’d have to examine this bag in person before I could really tell you how luxurious the material is, but I have high hopes (at least for the black – the gunmetal color looks kind of cheap). The bag has a nice slouch to it without being completely unstructured, and the gold accents around the handle are fun and different. They might make the bag a little uncomfortable to carry if fully loaded, but I’m willing to suffer a bit for a great find at a reasonable price. Buy through Nordstrom for $495.

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  • Gina Nixon

    By Halston Heritage; imported. = Made in China…no thanks!

    • Kaley

      My, aren’t we a little snobbish. I like to take into account the quality and style of a bag when making a purchase rather than automatically writing something off simply based on where it was made. If you only buy things made in countries other than China, perhaps you shouldn’t be browsing on Purse Blog SAVVY and just stick to Purse Blog.

  • mochababe73

    Too big for my taste.
    Not a fan of black handbags, but I like this one better than the LV. It has a little more structure, and I really like the handle.
    Isn’t Halston Heritage the line that Sarah Jessica Parker is consulting on.

  • SanDiegoGirl

    Agreed. Also, items made in China are available to us for a lower price because the average person there makes like $3000/year. Most other countries could not export bags for this low of a price for such a nice bag, because the standard / cost of living is so much higher. My theory… Based on your assumption that it’s made in China. You should definitely be looking at the Purse Blog.

  • Lulu

    Probably 90% of the items I have either purchased or have handed down to me were made in the Far East-Taiwan, China, now Korea is trying (they need a lot of help in mfg). Even the proud american ‘made’ companies say designed in the USA made/pieced together in China or elsewhere. It’s still made overseas no matter how they pretty it up. Very few companies are start to finish made in the USA. How many of us would sit around and make bags all day for $6 an hour. Those wages are low for America, yet China’s workers don’t make nearly that much. We are a very greedy nation. Hayden Harnett is trying to launch a first time start to finish USA bag line, from materials to labor. They have lost me as a customer since the owner/partners are rude snobs, and they have almost had to shut their doors as it is for poor biz planning; we’ll see if they can pull it off. My budget is smaller this year and $500 for a bag is a lot right now. I do like that this bag is Big & Slouchy, my 2 favorite things for an everyday bag!