One company that appears to be paying absolutely no attention to fall trends is Versace. And why would we expect them to? They pay no attention to good taste or reasonable pricing standards, so this is about par for the course.

Objectively, the Versace Socialite Satchel is not a terrible Bag. It’s perfectly fine. But it is completely tone deaf when compared to what else is going on in fashion right now. And, as always, the price is astronomical.

Versace Socialite Satchel

But first, does anyone else feel like Versace might be reaching a little bit when they name the bag the “Socialite Satchel.” Sort of like the fashion industry version of “If we build it, they will come?” It’s been ages since I saw a celebrity or socialite wearing one of their bags, if ever, and the name seems more hopeful than realistic.

But if they want to make an It-Bag, they’re going to have to try harder. The color of this bag is nice, as are the bold hardware details at the handle attachments, but I’m just not loving anything else. I want slouch and style, not insane rigidity and over-designed pockets. If they could take some of the elements here and work them into something that feels more relevant to current styles, they may have a huge winner. As it is, I’m unmoved, and certainly unimpressed with the price. Buy through Nordstrom for $3600.

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  • Chicken

    I like it. I don’t know what the dimensions are, but assuming I can fit file folders in it, I think it would be a good bag for work.
    I think it’s great that somebody is doing something besides slouchy, because I’m getting sick of having to search around in the bottom of a dark, cavernous bag looking for my keys/ wallet/ etc.
    But right now the only thing I’m spending $3600 on is my mortgage.

  • Leah

    Though I don’t hate the bag, at this price point, it needs to be made of something a little more exciting than patent leather. Plus, it looks like it weighs about a ton and a half with that overdone hardware.

  • Grad School Mommy

    i like the patent and hardware combo…but find the price just ridiculous. in this economy, it’s senseless to put out a product at this price point — even if it is Versace. if pushed, i would say there are a few designers that merit this kind of $$$…but not this particular bag.

  • Pandor@

    oh, boy… what is THAT?

  • Merve

    Versace bombs again

  • Jack

    the same “Socialite Satchel” does not sound attractive at all, it makes a person wearing feel like a gossip kind of person. They should give it a name that sounds more soothing and classy…..The purse sure looks nice though….a comment from:

  • chirpy_gal

    OK one..

  • Poodle

    ooooo…I LOOOOVE it though! I think its a phenomenal and sexy alternative to a briefcase if the dimensions are appropriate for papers and perhaps a petite laptop. I love the color and the overall super polished and perfected look. It might be just me, but I love bags with shape, industrial accents, and a strong sexy professional look, and I think this bag has it all. Granted…right now this bag is probably not the best investment for me, but maybe when I am farther along on my career path I can get something like this. Sorry guys, but I am going to have to go with the more polished look…slouchy bags are just…everywhere.

  • Michael St. James

    I LOVE the audacity of Versace! They keep giving us novelty bags at outrageous prices, with absolutely no concern for sales. Without them the wonderful world of handbags would be so boring!

  • Ericka

    I love it! It’s the price and the fact that they don’t care about the trends, endears me more to this beautiful piece of work! The price is ridiculous and that’s the way I like it!

  • Handbag Lover

    It is okay…. but the price is a bit much. I would rather have the Fendi tote in all leather and have money to spare for more shopping.

  • Madison C

    I’m a guy and I love it.
    It’s so military hard rock punk.
    It will glam up any corporate outfit for sure.

  • Rebbeca

    Agree with Amanda!
    Nothing major about this bag.. i only love the color!
    And yes price is definitely not worth

  • Kathryn

    awesome! love the look!

  • Adrienne zedella

    WOW! i’d be the envy . . . fb

  • mamahusky

    well i like the color, the texture and the hardware of silver. the style is also approved. But for practical reason, is not for regular or daily use. The style is classy that is good only when you are in classy place. And the price, OMG i better go for Hermes Birkin for practical investment.

  • Jelita78

    if eing socialite meaning getting this bag, then, i’d rather not be! (ipad)

  • AW

    The shininess is not my favorite sadly but the color is a nice change from black and i’m loving the shape