One company that appears to be paying absolutely no attention to fall trends is Versace. And why would we expect them to? They pay no attention to good taste or reasonable pricing standards, so this is about par for the course.

Objectively, the Versace Socialite Satchel is not a terrible Bag. It’s perfectly fine. But it is completely tone deaf when compared to what else is going on in fashion right now. And, as always, the price is astronomical.

Versace Socialite Satchel

But first, does anyone else feel like Versace might be reaching a little bit when they name the bag the “Socialite Satchel.” Sort of like the fashion industry version of “If we build it, they will come?” It’s been ages since I saw a celebrity or socialite wearing one of their bags, if ever, and the name seems more hopeful than realistic.

But if they want to make an It-Bag, they’re going to have to try harder. The color of this bag is nice, as are the bold hardware details at the handle attachments, but I’m just not loving anything else. I want slouch and style, not insane rigidity and over-designed pockets. If they could take some of the elements here and work them into something that feels more relevant to current styles, they may have a huge winner. As it is, I’m unmoved, and certainly unimpressed with the price. Buy through Nordstrom for $3600.

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