I think we all know that Yves Saint Laurent is, uh, kind of freaking brilliant. He passed recently, but his eponymous label lives on in what seem to be very capable hands, if the Yves Saint Laurent Majorelle Medium Bag is any indication. The bag is a perfectly vintage shape – I picture elegant, monied women in the 1950s wearing this bag, along with a chic pair of gloves (why don’t we wear gloves anymore? Or hats? Can we bring those things back?) and a 3/4 sleeve skirt-suit.

The thing is, though, this shape is so timeless that you don’t have to be a vintage-lover to understand its appeal. It’s simple, functional, and not at all gimmick-y. The color is a gorgeous example of one of the season’s popular berry tones, and the patent makes it extra glam and very ‘now.’ I would imagine that this bag could be dressed up or down quite easily – based on the dimensions on Saks’ website, “medium” is an accurate description of the bag and it wouldn’t be too big for dinner out or too small to take to work or to the mall. Feeling kinda sassy? Tie a beautiful silk scarf to the handle, like many ladies on the forum do with their Hermes bags. But really, this bag is freakin’ awesome on its own, and would add a great pop of color to pretty much any outfit that any of you own, so everyone out there that’s afraid of color and has lots of black and brown needs to at least THINK about this handbag, for a moment mmk? Buy through Saks for $1395.

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  • Kaytey

    I never get sick of YSL… Ever. <3
    And this is indeed the perfect bag.

  • Ellez

    The color of this bag is so beautiful!! And I totally agree Amanda…vintage hats and gloves need to come back. I got a whole bunch from my grandmother and I have been dying to wear them.

  • Absolutely LOVE this!! YSL’s bags are always flawless.

  • Grace

    I LOVE YSL!!! Everything is so classic and timeless.

    Ellez… you should definitely wear your grandmother’s vintage hats and gloves… the fashion world doesn’t need to bring it back… create your own style and ROCK IT! :)

  • juju

    I love YSL. I really do. However, this looks like something my Grandmother would have carried. It’s beautiful, but matronly.

  • I got a whole bunch from my grandmother and I have been dying to wear them. It is really a good and smooth to use.
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  • llson

    YSL is classic and timeless, another winner for YSL!!

  • edwardy

    j’adore YSL
    absolutely beautiful, nice cherry color, gorgeous patent
    two thumbs up for YSL
    go go Stefano Pilati!

  • black bacarra

    Not my type. It’s pretty but just not me.

  • carmie

    love this YSL, bag my loving daugther just gifted me one last christmas.love her and of coarse this bag.

  • KP

    I have the large majorelle in tan leather. rare will you find a nice tan leather handbag. this one caught my eye, when i saw it next to the patent colored medium majorelles. the only thing i dont like about it is that it’s very heavy. overall i luv it!

  • sonia

    I am selling this on tradesy and ebay if anyone is interested!!-sonia