Yves Saint Laurent Croc Muse Two There is a brand that continues to churn out stunning wearable bags season after season, and it is Yves Saint Laurent. After the YSL Muse took the handbag world by storm, being one of the “it” bags during “it”-dom, the brand decided to follow up with the Muse Two. The difference between the two is in the style, with the Muse Two standing out as a chic toned-down version of the Muse. Very laid-back, striking, and a complete stunner, the YSL Muse Two did not have to fight the Muse to garner its own attention. YSL has perfected the suede crocodile-stamping, leaving the bag with a new dimension, a chic look, and a more manageable price tag.

And because I love color so much, especially blue and purple, my new obsession is the Yves Saint Laurent Croc Muse Two in a navy and purple colorblock. Um, seriously, I am in love. Yes the colors are bold and bright, possibly a bit over the top, but can you imagine the fun this bag would bring to your wardrobe? The rich hues exude their vibrance. I know that I am constantly telling you about the next bag on my lust list, but this one really has wiggled its way into the top. And I feel like splurging today while at Bal Harbour. I probably shouldn’t, but I have this horrible itch, and this YSL bag is calling my name. I may find a better Muse Two color combination in person, but right now, this bag and its in-your-face colors is the top contender. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $1,995.

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  • weaslgrl


  • klv18

    Hello Megs,

    Do you happen to know what size this bag is? the medium or large? Thanks!


  • Fastidious Babe

    I saw it in paris in both sizes medium and large

  • Cherie L.

    OMG OMG OMG!!! This makes me want to trade in my original blue muse two. I’m totally in love with my current one but this is insane!

  • Jinny

    one of my friend got this bag for under $1000 at YSL boutique in NYC last week. This color and the blue color were on sale and I believe the blue ones are still on sale on their website.

  • janie

    hmmmmmmmm!! LOVE IT!!!!

  • M_butterfly

    I like it. It has a Kellyish look to it. Very elegant!!

  • ecmf

    omg love it

  • Anna

    OMG! Love the colors, love the style, this bag is HOT!

  • Rosemary

    Ok, I’m just going to sound negative in every post on this page. This is ugly too. lol

  • C

    I bought the muse 2 a week ago and after only 6 wears the front buckle TOTALLY fell off!!! apparently it was screwed on, but seriously that is disappointing, had I not found the screw in my car and fixed it myself I would have had a stroke. I DO NOT recommend anyone buying this bag full-price (I paid $700 for mine and I still feel like I was overcharged due to the shoddy workmanship)!!!

  • Julie


  • Pat

    I love it! Saw this bag available on verasgirl.com at a discounted price!

  • Kathleen

    I saw the bag today at Neiman Marcus — and am deciding whether to buy. I am concerned, however, about the suade — is it possibly too fragile and prone to staining to make a feasible purchase?

    Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • reem

    THIS TAAAAALKS REEM BIGTIME!!! IT’S SO ME AND I JUST HEAAAART IT <3!!! WHERE IS THE best place to buy it from??? since u can get it at less cost

  • Linda

    I went into the NYC store and they are having a gr8 sale! Couldnt decide between the chocolate brown Rive Gauche or the Black Muse two. I think the Muse two even though my wardrobe is casual I think it will polish it up when I go out in the evening and even every day wear! ie. white dress shirt, jeans, pair of boots… Think I’m gonna call an order in tomorrow!

  • Rashida

    I don’t like it

  • LIKA

    Aaah, it’s sooo beautiful!
    First time I saw it, I couldn’t take my eyes off..
    Very stylish indeed.. Planning to get one of this tomorrow :P

  • cynnnnn

    do you think i still can get this ysl muse 2 croc embossed in paris?
    im so in love with this bag? do you think they still have it?