Last week I shared the YSL Niki Bag with you as an option for those who like the YSL logo but prefer it a bit more subdued. The vintage, worn-in leather paired with the leather covered logo make this bag a great option for those who have a more casual designer bag style. I need a new bag like I need a hole in my head, but my passion turned business still continues to draw me to bags, 15 years later.

This post may come off as repetitive from what I just shared on this line, but hear me out. The Saint Laurent Niki in Burnt Nut is the bag and leather color that have my all-things-fall-loving heart in a state of deep obsession. Over the years, I’ve found a handful of bags that fall into this perfect brown leather category: a not-quite-milk-chocolate-almost-caramel hue of perfection. Each time I stumble upon one of these bags, I come back to it and start my typical pining for any bag I love. I screen shot the photo, I look up the bag, I check resale sites if it’s sold out, I imagine the clothes I’d pair with it. It’s an entire process, and you’d think after 15 years of running this site, I’d lose some of that pure excitement, thrill of the chase and yearning for a bag, but I haven’t.

What I know this means is that this color, which I don’t have in my collection, is one that I truly want. And when I was covering the Niki a of couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon this version: the Saint Laurent Medium Niki in Quilted Crinkled Vintage Leather in Burnt Nut. That feeling of truly wanting a bag, deciding if it’s the right bag for you, and justifying it to yourself only to then go back and forth over spending the money, is one of the joys I still have over this entire bag loving life I lead.

The Medium Niki is the size that I think would work best for me, which is perfect because this color is only available in this size. The chain and leather strap in bronze-toned hardware can be doubled up or used for crossbody wear. The interior opens to show one main compartment, one open pocket, one zip pocket, and one compartment at the front. On the exterior you’ll find a magnetic flat pocket which would be a great place to store your phone (I need to see this in person to see that your phone fits). Overall dimensions are 10.9″W x 7.8″L x 3.3″D.

Tan and cream colors been having a major movement, with many not only dressing in this more subdued pairing but creating their entire lifestyle around it. Pictures are edited in this fashion, every home item fits this theme, and some only dress in this color palette as well. I’m not looking to change my life for this color, but man, I really, really (like really), want this bag. I’m going to hold off, after all we are practically still in quarantine and my bags are not being used much at all. But I’ve had this saved as an open tab for over a week now in my browser, and that most likely means I may eventually break.

Buy via Luisaviaroma for $2,290.

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