As you guys might have surmised at this point, our coverage here tends to be pretty focused. We have a niche and we dedicate ourselves to it. On special occasions, though, we spill beyond our normal borders to explore what happens outside of handbags. Mother’s Day is on Sunday, and because fashion and style are intensely embedded in the mother-daughter relationship, we wanted to show a little gratitude to the women who have shaped us more than anyone else.

Below, we’ll share some of our favorite things about our moms, and we hope you’ll join us in the comments.


Megs and Shannon's Mom

– My mom doesn’t have the same obsession with handbags as I do, but not only did she try to understand my love, but she also indulged me by starting off my handbag collection with a Coach bag.

– No matter what time it is or what she’s doing, my mom is always there for me. There is no love like a mother’s love, and I hope to be half the mom she is one day.


Amanda's Mom

– My mom can talk information out of anyone. She once convinced a housing employee at my college to give her the name of the random roommate who had been assigned to my dorm suite so that I could look her up on Facebook, violating at least two privacy laws on the school’s part in the process. Mom would make a great private investigator, especially now. No one would ever suspect the retired blonde lady in the BMW SUV.

– My mom taught me never to be fooled by a small diamond with a big halo.


Shannon's Mom

– One of my fondest memories stems from a special treat my mom made us kids growing up. Every now and then, when it was really cold outside, mom would make homemade hot chocolate and a piece of toast for each of us. This wasn’t just any piece of toast; she would put a little butter, cinnamon and sugar on it, then cut it up into strips that we could then dip into our warm mug of hot cocoa. It never ceased to put a smile on our faces and warm us up. Years later, I still request this when I visit.

– I love that no matter how old I get, when I am sick, mom always runs through all the things I should do to get better – from vitamins, to medication, to foods that might taste good and which kind of movies to watch. And her recommended combinations are always exactly what I need.


Bea's Mom

– I am the person I am today because of her. She has taught to me love, to listen and believe in myself. She’s my biggest cheerleader, even when she thinks I’m a little crazy, and my voice of reason when I’m impulsive. She’s not only my mom, she’s my best friend.

– She taught me getting your nails done on a regular basis is just as important as breathing. No matter how busy or broke you may be, a good mani/pedi is essential to your livelihood.


Katherine's Mom

– When it comes to making expensive handbag purchases, my mom helps me make practical and realistic decisions and splurge in reasonable ways. Also, she didn’t complain when I modeled two bags at the Chanel store for three hours while I decided which one to purchase, and believe me, complaints would have been justified.

– I wore a lot of outrageous, daring and really funky things growing up (think chunky red leg warmers, black leggings and black Converse sneakers). Never once did she tell me to take something off. Mom let me embrace my style, and because of it, I have a lot of confidence in everything I wear and a defined sense of style, no leg warmers included.

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