Real Talk

All I want is a new bag, but I’ve got one serious problem, I just can’t commit!

They should put the pre-printed return sticker in the package for you, too

We’ve all been there

We know internet media can seem like a funhouse of freebies and undisclosed pay-for-play, so we want to be as transparent as possible

What you wear and carry always tells a story

In which we write a love letter to what we believe is the world’s most beautiful phrase

Four pro tips to ensure a lifetime of happiness

Baby Journey

This is one of those posts that’s hard to know where to begin. What I’m about to delve into is long and personal, with details that may make some of you wonder why I chose …

YES, you read that correctly! After 11 years of PurseBlog, eight years of marriage, multiple moves, major personal and professional milestones, countless bags purchased and even more bags discussed, Vlad and I are so happy …

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Every Monday morning, I sit down behind my computer to catch up on emails, browse through my favorite online stores to spot new bags and see what I have on my schedule for the upcoming …

Domestic and financial abuse is an insidious and personal problem, and The Allstate Foundation’s long history of advocacy on the issue has informed its dual approach to raising awareness and assisting survivors. Purple Purse ambassador …

“Investment” is a pernicious little word. Marketers and salespeople like to use it to placate customers who balk at prices, especially female customers. Oh, that bag might be expensive, but it’s nice leather! And it’s