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  • K

    I love the bag, and your shoes are so fab.

    • They’re Schutz! They made me well over 6’3 but look awesome!

      • Do you remember the style name? I looked online and I don’t see them! Must have!!

      • I’ll try to figure it out!

  • Vbogaert

    I have 3! Love it! I find that if I store items in small leather accessories (wallet, cosmetic pouch-I use 2, eyeglass case, etc…) things are much easier to find. I also don’t cinch it completely close unless I’m riding public transportation. I otherwise leave a big enough gap to get my hand in and out easily.

    • I have been trying that too! I don’t pull it too tight, but I think any bag with this design is harder to get in and out of to find things.

      • Vbogaert

        It is not as easy as my other bags that’s for sure, but it is also one of my more lighter bags. I also like that you can carry a lot without looking like you have some massive sack on your shoulder. Seeing the pink I might have to think about that one too!

  • T Tara Bagnista

    Although I’m not a fan of bucket bags for myself, it looks good on you. Plus, I’m impressed you can even walk in those shoes!

  • Sandy

    I do not understand the popularity of this bag. I guess that goes to show that you neve know what will become uber popular. The price point is nice and that may be the attraction. It is basic and a little boring but if they gave me one I would probably use it.

    • Sparkletastic

      I feel the same. It’s basic, functional and not offensive. So if given one, I’d put it in rotation. But I don’t get the mania.

      • Ange

        This bag is like the LV bucket bag with the epi leather, a bag that’s hard to use for everyday purposes.

    • lavinia

      I agree. We already wore it in the past time (already seen!) and the bucket bag was famous to be a very unpractical bag (as Megs says she can’t find what she is looking for…) and very easy to get inside for a thief, the leather is for us in Italy a very common one, the line not really original…a little boring, sorry

    • Anita Pallenberg

      I think it’s classic and timeless. I loved my leather bucket bag as a teen, and love my new one at 40! My only complaint is that there is not an interior or exterior slip pocket for cellphone since I always carry a bottle of water in my bag.

  • Stina Sias

    I agree you have made this bag look cooler than I’ve ever seen! It looks awesome on you. I still don’t understand bucket bags they ARE like bottomless pits! But I just bought a Falabella and love it so maybe I’m coming around to the less structured look.

  • Canuck65

    Very helpful review! Thank you!

  • kemilia

    I’ve had 1 bucket bag (Cole Haan) and never again, though your shoes are super cool–envy envy! (I would be on the ground with broken ankles)

  • Rashmi

    Give me a Tote in THIS color and I will give you (mansur gavriel) my money.
    I have their black and red medium bucket back which i have not used yet. But i see the usability point Megs. not functional enough. The bucket bags will be for those quick short trips to the mall or grocery store or outings, not for everyday use.

    Hope you guys would donate to the earthquake victims in Nepal. I am from Nepal and the people need our help to rebuild and rehabilitate. Thank you.

    • I have the tote in this color, and I’m not such a fan. In the tote bag, I just feel like my stuff is always sliding around inside which I don’t love. :/

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.. As for the price increase, do we know when this will most likely be? Really hoping it stays under the 600 mark! This will be my first “real” designer bag.

  • Susan

    I have four of the bucket bags. Just got the black with the bright blue interior. I absolutely love them. I do find that I keep all my items in pouches, however, in order to put my hands on them. I ordered the canvas/leather combo from Moda Operandi, which photographed much brighter than what I received, so I returned it immediately. I am waiting for the Lady bag to come out in pink. It is in the $1,100.00 range. It looks fantastic.

  • melissa

    amazing photos! what type of camera does vlad use?

    • He has so many cameras, don’t remember which one he used for this, but I’m sure he will add his comments

    • Vlad Dusil

      Thank you! Here I used a Fuji X-T1 with a 56mm f/1.2 lens.

  • Lori

    Great post! (as always)

  • Karina

    The bag and yourself look absolutely fab! This is one of those effortlessly chic bags that look equally well with jeans or a cocktail dress. In slide 5 when you are tossing the bucket up-that was a clear indication to me of your phrase “put the bag to GOOD use” I would never dream of tossing my bags????
    I don’t have the patience to hound pre sales or flash mobs so I will wait until the hype dies down and I can purchase the bag like a normal human being. Do you think that will happen in our lifetime?!

    • Thanks! Ya, I think it will die down – brands that have such a huge success may continue with the success, but the constantly sold-out status is one that will not continue forever if history is a predictor.

  • I have this in the original black and red combination, and I love it. I was originally worried about how delicate the (vegetable tanned, I think) leather would be, but it’s sturdier than it looks. Mine has some minor scuffs and scratches, especially around the parts that get handled the most (where the knot of the tie hits, for example). But it’s in a lot better shape than I thought it would be.

    While it does have the tendency to be a bottomless pit, the red interior of mine really helps me find what I need. Although I made the mistake of using an iPhone case in the exact same shade, making my phone practically invisible. The pouches help A LOT, allowing me to pull out what I need without having to look.

  • Riham

    I’ve been reading purseblog for 5 years and this is my first comment ever :D. This bag is beyond beautiful. The color is something else. I have the black/flamma, but it doesn’t take my breath away like the pink one does. BTW, love the couch xx!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! The pink color is really pretty. And the couch is new, I really love it too!

  • Mya Wilkes

    Those shoes are the business! The Mansur bucket bag is nice but I can easily pass.

    • People are really liking the shoes! I can’t remember the name, I’ve had them for a few years now

  • Mandy

    The other ratings don’t average out to 4.3, and the stars graphic for the total looks more like 3.5.

    • Something must be off, let me fix it (which other ratings don’t average?)

    • Ahh, the 4.5 star is not working for some reason and showing as a 3.5. The other categories are supposed to be 4.5 that show as 3.5! Thank you for pointing this out!!!

  • SK

    Has anyone heard of ‘ghibli’? I can only see their bags at

  • Lily

    That shade of pink is so beautiful, classy, and timeless. However, I absolutely detest bucket bags, and will never understand why they are ever in vogue. They are not practical, and remind me of something a child would carry.

  • kkolpa

    Looks FANTASTIC! You choose the best color !!! :)

  • FashionableLena

    That was also my biggest issue with any bucket bag is the functionality. I love the look, but everything settles at the bottom.
    I adore the color. Very soft and pretty.

  • Exiousle

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  • mardigras

    I only had one bucket bag ever and swore never to buy another one again because of the inconvenience. This and other brands’ bucket bags are nice (great colors/style variations) but they have not changed my mind. I hate the close/open tie and it’s really like a garbage bag – you throw everything in and hate to take anything out.

  • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

    Megs could you please tell me the name of the book in the last picture, I’m curious and I can’t figure it out. BTW you look gorgeous in the second slide

  • I have the black/flamma and it’s starting to show some wear (i’ve had it since july 2014), the scratches really show against the black finish. Bt i still love it! The bottom is still in a good shape but i have to agree with you, it’s basically a black hole. All in all, I’m still obsessed with it and want to get a second one, but shipping & duty fees are just ridiculous (I live in Montreal, Canada).

  • Tured1990

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  • Thanks Megs for the in dept review! I just bought the black flamma bucket bag for my birthday and I love it! But this light pink colour is also to die for. I’m too surprised how this bag looks after a month of use. I carry my macbook, grocery’s and a lot of other stuff with me and it still looks brand new. The online downside of this bag is dat the details are sloppy. I can see the markings of the sewing machine on ALL the edges.

  • sashimie

    i had the black flamma since Dec 2013, it was popular back then (apparently hubby refreshed the net-a-porter site countless time a day before xmas) but not as crazy as today. I don’t mind the bottomless pit hole as I carry minimal and easily identifiable things but what drives me crazy is the obvious scratches and some white patches the bag gets due to wear and tear. It is no longer the sleek black it was once (though I still get tons of compliments), and for this reason I don’t think I’ll buy another MG unless the colour takes my breath away like this one…damn you purseblog!

  • Binx Cat

    Thanks for the review Megs! I used a different bucket bag today and it made me crazy! The bag is stunning, but if I decide I can’t resist, I’ll be opting for the $99 Zara version.

  • Luisa

    Please help me! I want to buy a Mansur bag. I save money every year to buy a good bag
    for my birthday. I already bought a couple of LV, one Prada Saffiano
    leather tote and one Fendi petit 2 jours. I don’t use the Prada too
    much because it turns out to be an heavy bag and although it has a
    shoulder strap it doesn’t look that good when I wear it on my shoulder. The one I wear the most is my
    Fendi. I use the shoulder strap every day because I have to carry all my books
    to college and if I want to go out at night I take out the strap and it becomes
    the cutest chic bag ever. I told you my mini collection of bags and now
    I need help to decide if I should buy a Mansur Gavriel or
    not.. It’s a bad thing not to be able to touch and try the bag before buy
    it.. And I’m 1,67 cm (5,7) so i don’t know if the shoulder strap is too
    big for me.. And as i wear the bags every day to college I don’t know if
    the leather will become ugly with time. On the other hand it has a good
    price compared to Prada and Fendi. It’s a beautiful bag too. Please help me!
    What do you think I should do? (and i’m sorry for my bad English)

  • Lenora

    Awesome post! Do you have any experience with the Dooney & Bourke Alto Sophia? I’d love to know how they compare. I Gavriel is HOT!!, but that tote strap on the Dooney seems a lot more versatile. What do you think?

  • Lenna Chhim

    I don’t ike this style of bag, but the bag is really good. They did great job!

  • Mollie Jordan Riegger

    Love yours! I just got the bucket bag in light tan (Carmella) and after wearing it once, my jeans (which have been washed 100 times) have worn into the leather! Any advice? Has this happened to you and does it wipe clean easily? Thanks!

    • Skylar ?

      i have this same problem with my rosa mini! did you figure how to get it out/what did you end up doing about it? i don’t want to stop wearing my jeans that transfer on them as they are the only jeans that fit me extremely well!

  • Skylar ?

    I really love this bag, i bought it in a mini & to my horror my jeans (black denim) transferred a little bit. This is my first expensive bag, how do i avoid this? i had to come home & switch bags to my sturdy kate spade because i didn’t want to risk it esp while i was out having drinks..a lot of drinks

  • Skylar ?

    nvm! i figured out how to with gentle stuff i already have : )

  • Angela

    Hi! Great post. Could you tell me if the sides of this bag where the leather sort of folds (due to pulling the drawstring closed) and shows wrinkles?
    Thank you!!