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Which Brand Makes the Best East-West Bag?

There are so many to choose from!

As a lover of all things Dior, I was pretty excited to see its most classic bag get a makeover in the release of the Lady D-Joy.

The release confirmed my suspicion that East-West bags were definitely making a comeback – a conclusion I came to after seeing tons of stunning (and sometimes silly-looking) silhouettes pop up on my IG explore page and within trusted reseller listings.

And while I currently have my sights and savings set on another special piece, I’m still intrigued by the recent shift in the East-West bag’s popularity.

I can’t say for sure when these horizontal-style bags first came to be (trust me, I looked…) but it looks like they always manage to come around at times when designers are really looking to shake things up. Now that COVID has become less of a concern for most of the Western world, people undoubtedly need something special to bring to the big “post-COVID” summer of fun.

Thinking back, I’ve always seen East-West bags as kind of hit or miss throughout my lifetime (but keep in mind I’m a Millennial.) Other than some particularly fun pieces from Louis Vuitton, I can’t remember a time when there were this many East-West options to choose from.

Whether they’re from Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Coach, Christain Louboutin, Strathberry, Valentino, or any of the dozens of PurseBlog favorites; There’s really one available for every taste and in every price range. It’d take me forever to list them all, so for the sake of this short 600-word blog post, let’s just focus on a few offered by today’s hottest brands.

You tell me ﹘ which brand do you think makes the best East-West bag?

Chanel: Chocolate Bar

Chanel Chocolate Bat Bar

Chanel’s Chocolate Bar bag was a sweeter take on the iconic Classic Flap. This cool East-West style was unfortunately discontinued in 2011, but its appeal still lives on.

It’s not quite a flap bag nor a wallet on a chain, making it that much hotter on the resale market.

Balenciaga: East-West Hourglass & Lindsay

Balenciaga East West Bag

Off-the-wall designs are the bread and butter of a brand like Balenciaga.

It took its already unconventional Hourglass top-handle bag and transformed it into the 10-inch East-West Hourglass Tote. The 7-inch height of this bag makes it appear more balanced than other bags on this list, but the Lindsay bag is also a great East-West for those who prefer an actual underarm shoulder bag.

Dior: Lady D-Joy & Bobby East-West

Louis Vuitton East West Bobby

Along with the D-Joy, the Bobby East-West is one of Dior’s dopest bags to have come out in the last few years. It’s pretty understated, but I find that all the fun color options add a little extra umph to this rather unassuming high-end bag.

Louis Vuitton: Lockit, Speedy, & Petite Malle East-West

Louis Vuitton Petite Malle East West

Louis Vuitton has a long history of producing East-West bags.

Many Louis V fans seem to favor the vintage Speedy or Lockit East-West styles, but the Petite Malle isn’t easy to ignore. I bet this cool little trunk probably has more staying power than we’d like to believe.

Fendi: PeekaBoo ISEEU East-West

Fendi Peekaboo ISEEU

Fendi has really worked hard over the past few years to cement itself as the master of all things trendy.

In 2020, the brand decided to take one of its most famous designs and cut it down to make a pretty mean East-West bag. Undoubtedly a statement piece, this stretched-out style is one for those who aren’t afraid to have a little fun.

Hermès: Birkin & Kelly East-West

Hermes Birkin JPG

The Hermès East-West bags definitely raises a few eyebrows but in the same way one might when looking at an abstract art piece.

Anything Hermès puts out certainly holds monetary value, but I guess its true value can only be seen by those with an eye for the artist’s intent.

While some of us are busy pondering the decisions made behind the bags, others are eager to find a way to add them to their own collections.

But what do you all think? Do you have a favorite on this list?


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  1. Amy Avatar

    The Fendi baguette is my favourite bag of this genre

  2. J H Avatar
    J H

    Except for the Fendi, they all look distorted.

  3. Cher Avatar

    For me, i think the Balenciaga Work or Part Time from back then

  4. kang504 Avatar

    Fendi looks great. LV nice. Hermes awful.

    1. lalarey Avatar

      agree- that birkin looks like it has melted into a leather puddle.

  5. Gayle Avatar

    Ive always wanted the chanel flap east west

  6. Candee Avatar

    These type of bags look ill proportioned. Admittedly, I’m a little OCD so the balance, contrast and measurements are awkward to me.

  7. sunshineshiney Avatar

    From the list above, the Fendi and LV are my favorite.

    I love my metallic gold/bronze East-West Chanel Flap, released and purchased in 2007. It’s shiny, sparkly color always captivated me.

  8. Samantha Avatar

    I love the the Chanel Chocolate bar east west bags, especially the hard-to-find colors. Also, from what I’ve seen on reputable consigner sites, they only increase in value. 🙂