Help me out guys, I’m getting tired of what I’ve got!

With so many beautiful bags out there and more being designed and released every season, it gets harder and harder to appreciate what it is that you already have. Despite a growing collection of bags—I’ve acquired two designer bags and three contemporary bags in the last year alone—I’m finding it harder and harder not to get sick of the bags that I currently own. Two or three years ago, I would throw my stuff in a bag—don’t get me wrong, it would be a nice one—and use it for weeks on end without switching it. In the winter, I would alternate between my burgundy Chloé Marcie bag, a black Chloé tote, or any of my monogram Louis Vuitton bags, but I would use them for weeks, even as long as a month before changing them.

Now, I get sick of my bags so easily that I find myself constantly changing them, to the point where it sometimes takes me forever to get out of the house because I’m digging through my bag bin, trying to find the one I’m looking for. Last weekend I switched to my off-white Chloé Drew because it matched my outfit, and I was actually impressed that I used it for a whole six days before I was over it. I’ve got my Gucci Marmont in tow today, but I’d had my stuff in another bag for the last couple of days prior. While I love all the bags that I’ve got, and I’ve worked hard to get most of them, I don’t understand why I’m getting so sick of them. Sometimes I wonder if it’s purely because of what I do—I see and test so many different bags that my mind is like a ping pong ball going back and fourth from one designer to the next. But I don’t think so, because I imagine there are many bag lovers out there like me who have the same problem!

I just turned 28 in May, and I’m only a few years into my career, so buying every bag that I want (or even a quarter of the bags I say I want!) is not a possibility. Though I would love to be frivolous versus frugal, I’m actually relatively responsible when it comes to my finances and I try desperately not to over-spend. Though I do my best to style my bags differently and rotate them, more so now than ever, I find myself constantly craving something new. Whether it be a bag I’ve received as a sample to test, one I found while browsing online, or even a bag that caught my eye on a super-stylish stranger, I just can’t get the urge to acquire out of my head! I’m seriously considering purchasing a certain belt bag that I’ve had my eye on, but I worry that if—and when—I get it I’ll be tired of it soon after and begin craving something else! Do you guys think bag fatigue is inevitable, or do you have ways to avoid it?

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