There are so many things I love about handbags, but on the flip side, there are some aspects of bags that drive me nuts. I’m sure I’m not alone in some of these issues, and that’s why we’re bringing you a new series, Purse Peeves–because sometimes my favorite accessories drive me nuts.

I had this idea a couple weeks ago, when I put on one of my favorite pairs of dark jeans, a white blouse and my Chanel Boy Bag. The Boy Bag that I have is a muted silver and cream metallic combination, which has a slightly sueded finish but is still categorized as leather. I love this Chanel bag. It’s totally different than most of the bags in my collection in its color and texture, and it’s simply a good bag.

Chanel Boy Bag Discoloration-2

I hear so many people talk about color transfer from denim and I should have known better, but I thought the bag was sitting on my hip, which was covered by my shirt, and not rubbing on my jeans. Although I was conscious of the potential issue, I didn’t exactly make a valiant effort to keep my bag away from my jeans.

We were at the Fort Lauderdale Winter Boat Parade (which is a parade with boats on water, just as the name suggests, and it’s pretty awesome), having a great time. I went home that night and put my bag down; it still looked great to me at the time. It wasn’t until about a week later when I was bringing the bag out again that I caught the backside–and the major blue transfer–on my bag.

Chanel Boy Bag Discoloration-3

It happened. The blue from my denim rubbed right against my bag and created quite the predicament for me. I have yet to try to treat it, because, to be honest, I feel like I could easily make it worse, and I never treat my bags. And this isn’t the bag’s fault; if anything, it’s the jeans’ fault. Even then, denim is typically marked letting us know it may bleed, and lo and behold, it bled on my rather expensive and highly coveted Chanel bag.

So this is my first purse peeve: owning a great bag but needing to be super cognizant of what you pair it with so you don’t have any color transfer. I guess I expect too much from my bags and jeans, but I’m peeved that I now have blue around the back side of my bag. Any suggestions what to do about this?


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