Anyone who collects anything knows what it feels like to let a particularly wonderful piece slip through his or her fingers and regret it for years afterward; no matter if the objects of your affection are coins or stamps or handbags, the thoughts of what could have been are, to put it bluntly, a major bummer. Whether you consider yourself a handbag collector or just a handbag lover, you’ve likely experienced similar pangs of regret over losing something you never really had in the first place. Friends, I know your pain.

I have plenty of bags on my list of ones that got away, and almost all of them are seasonal printed pieces that won’t ever be made again. There’s Marc Jacobs from 2008, Givenchy from last year and a Fendi bag that has yet to arrive in stores that I already know I won’t buy and will likely search for on eBay for years to come, but above them all, there’s the Prada Printed Saffiano Tote, which hit stores in Spring 2010.

Three years later, I’m still not sure why I adore this bag so much. The pattern is beautiful, yes, but it’s also not at all something I would normally consider wearing. I’m not a girly dresser, and my favorite prints tend to be of the digital, moody or industrial varieties. Prada produced this line of bags from feminine archival scarf prints, and somehow, my favorite of them all has baby blue and dove grey flowers on it. The design is certainly lighting up some sort of pleasure center in my brain, though, because I’m still thinking of and searching for the bag three years and a zillion designs later. I even remember the first time I saw it in person – at Saks in Atlanta – and I was hooked. I still am.

The most recent appearance this bag’s made on the Internet was on BlueFly, quite a while ago, and it’s long since sold out. eBay returns no results, and neither do online designer discounters. I’ll keep my eBay alert going, though, because you never know when someone’s going to clean out her closet and put my own personal white whale up for auction.

What’s your all-time One That Got Away? If you could go back in time and snatch up one piece, what would it be?

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  • Flaw

    Mine is not exactly one that got away in that sense of the phrase, but in a more literal one I guess. My first bag was a brown leather satchel that I used right after I graduated high school for my first couple of years of college. It was a birthday present from when I turned 18, from XL, a local brand here in Argentina, and I loved it, I took it everywhere with me and probably didn´t take as much care of it as I should have.

    Two years ago someone stole it from me and I´ve never seen it again, I couldn´t find the name or code of the design, the brand never made it again and I never even seen someone else wearing it on the streets, so there´s no way for me to find it, which is quite a bummer, but I still check every once in a while online in case one turns up for sale somewhere.

  • Wanjeri

    I was leaving London from Heathrow airport and at the Harrods duty free they had a Celine camel mini luggage for £900 and something and i passed it up! Now the mini luggage goes for more that £1550 (i heard there was a price increase so not sure of the price now..)! i fell so silly for passing it up especially because i really WANT a celine mini luggage and it was such a good deal!

  • Amie

    The Mulberry Margaret shoulder bag-I love the cheeky hardware detailing and now its discontinued, should of bought it a couple of years ago!

  • Reez

    A department store at my country accidentally had a Celine Luggage Tote on 50% 2 years ago…It was a dark navy blue celine luggage tote in lambskin. Had become just alittle less than a 1000$…They Celine hype hadn’t reached us at that point, but still I was crazy over the bag..biggest bag mistake of my life…

  • Silversun

    If you asked this three days ago I would have said it was the green croc embossed small Givenchy Antigona from last season. I saw it, loved it, hesitated over the price for the tiniest moment, then it sold out anywhere that I could find, and I could never stop thinking about it.
    But then I managed to find one a couple of days ago!!! XD It’s now en route and I CAN’T WAIT.

  • mlle p

    I was clamoring for the Prada fringed leather bag a few years back and I also wanted a shearling front luggage Celine which seems to have vanished off the design radar.

  • overnightly

    The ostrich veneta that Bottega Veneta made for Neiman Marcus’ anniversary. There was even one on eBay, I dithered and lost.

  • bir

    hermes black matte alligator kelly pochette have not seen one since and i keep searching and a celine nano in bright pink !!!

  • kwaschick

    A silver metallic Chanel, small flap with crystal C’s. Loved that bag. Got hit with an unexpected tax bill and had to give it up. I still dream about that bag.

  • kay

    botkier charlotte satchel in grey — i keeeeeeep searching for it!!! if anyone knows where i can get one, please let me know!

  • Jessica

    The Louis Vuitton watercolor speedy from the Richard Prince collab back in 2008

  • Catherine

    Red Celine Triptyque bag…circa fall 2011…anyone knows where i can get it???

  • D

    I have the Prada zip wallet in the above print from that Bluefly sale! Happy I ended up buying it :).

    My bag that got away is probably the red celine triptyque or a balenciaga in black cherry.

  • 3.1 Phillip Lim Page bag. And the Louis Vuitton hot air balloon Illustre

  • Lori

    Mine is still available, but is a lot more money which makes it prohibitively expensive. Two years ago I had a brown Jypsière in my hands at the Hermes store (LV). Even though my husband agreed to the insane price, I went with an Evelyne. Now I have that bag tucked away in its orange box and long for the Jypsière as I know I would carry it more frequently. I have a big birthday coming up this year…maybe that will be my “gift”.

  • Rachel

    I bought a prada handbag today in a charity shop, it looks authentic –
    the stitching is perfect, it is genuine leather – i know by the smell of
    it – the only thing is the lining! it does not say prada on it anywhere
    but it is lined with pure genuine very soft suede and has a logo tag
    perfectly stitched onto the inside pocket. It is wine in colour
    underneath the handles are buckles it also has buckles on each side of
    it. The prada logo on the outside is a triangle metal plate with raised
    leters on it and it is mounted onto a leather triangle the same colour
    as the bag – the zips open and close very smoothly but they dont have
    anything embossed on them – Is the bag real or fake? – it is extremely
    well made and is made of extremely good quality leather and suede.