Prada’s New Classic Gets a Mini Makeover

Introduced earlier this year, the Re-Edition 1995 now comes in a mini size

Sleek, timeless, and practical, Prada introduced its latest revival, the Re-Edition 1995, earlier this year. A new but old House staple, the Re-Edition 1995 sees the return of an iconic bag shape from the 90s, a shape that was favored by ’90s style-icon Carolyn Bessett Kennedy, no less.

Characterized by its clean, elegant lines with a distinct geometric silhouette, the newest archival revival from Miuccia and the House of Prada feels both modern and classic at the same time. A screen-printed PRADA logo defines the bag, as does its Prada Re-Edition 1995 keychain. This keychain allows the bag to immediately be identified as one of Prada’s famed Re-Editions.

Synonymous with Prada’s storied craftsmanship and quality, these Re-Editions pay homage to the brand’s history while maintaining the heritage and allure of modern, timeless luxury. Recently, Prada launched a miniature version of this famed shape, perfect for spring, summer, and beyond.

A Re-Edition, Shrunken Down

The mini-movement continues with a vengeance, showing no signs of slowing down. This version of the Re-Edition 1995 features dual top handles like its big sis, but it differs in that it features a long crossbody or shoulder strap that can be adjusted and/or completely removed. This version is the littler, more fun version of the original, appearing in an array of fun colors like pastel blue, pink, yellow, and my personal favorite brushed leather from the House lately, silver. Defined by the same elegant geometric shape as the original, the mini has overall dimensions of 5.9″ L x 8.7″ W x 2.6″ D.

Prada Re Edition Mini
Prada Re Edition 95 Mini Silver

Prada Re Edition 1995 Mini Pink


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