Prada Fairy Bag Bleeds

prada fairy bag defective

We have covered the Prada Fairy Bag ad nauseum, but there is a piece of this story that must not be left out. Who would have known that artist James Jean would have added his art to a bag that landed Prada in the wait list of 3 months “it” bag of the season. Unfortunately for both Prada and James Jean, the bag will not only hold the remembrance of it being one of the most talked about handbags for 2008 but also having a horrible bleeding problem. That is right, the ink on the Prada Fairy bags is bleeding. As this issue unfolds, various members of tPF have come forward giving information, pictures, and evidence of their Fairy Bag’s print bleeding if water touches it.

Furthermore, Prada is well aware of this problem. Some SA’s warned their customers due to the nature of the delicacy of the bag the ink could bleed. There have been conflicting stories of the problem with this bag and how Prada is handling it. Some say Prada will not refund you after buying the bag, some say they will. There is also talk spreading that the next batch of the Fairy Bag will not be as delicate and bleeding will not be as prevalent. What I do know is that when paying upwards of $2500 for a bag, you want it to stay in tact and the ink to stay in place. For those of you that already own the bag, be cautious with it in the rain and make sure to read up on the issues. For those of you thinking to own the bag, you may want to take this into consideration. Read more on this issue through the links below:

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