prada fairy bag defective

We have covered the Prada Fairy Bag ad nauseum, but there is a piece of this story that must not be left out. Who would have known that artist James Jean would have added his art to a bag that landed Prada in the wait list of 3 months “it” bag of the season. Unfortunately for both Prada and James Jean, the bag will not only hold the remembrance of it being one of the most talked about handbags for 2008 but also having a horrible bleeding problem. That is right, the ink on the Prada Fairy bags is bleeding. As this issue unfolds, various members of tPF have come forward giving information, pictures, and evidence of their Fairy Bag’s print bleeding if water touches it.

Furthermore, Prada is well aware of this problem. Some SA’s warned their customers due to the nature of the delicacy of the bag the ink could bleed. There have been conflicting stories of the problem with this bag and how Prada is handling it. Some say Prada will not refund you after buying the bag, some say they will. There is also talk spreading that the next batch of the Fairy Bag will not be as delicate and bleeding will not be as prevalent. What I do know is that when paying upwards of $2500 for a bag, you want it to stay in tact and the ink to stay in place. For those of you that already own the bag, be cautious with it in the rain and make sure to read up on the issues. For those of you thinking to own the bag, you may want to take this into consideration. Read more on this issue through the links below:

My Fairy is Running! I want my $ back!!

Quality Control Issues???

Perhaps good news for Fairy bag rainy day scaredy cats

My Fairy bled, and so did my heart…

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  • PJH

    OH! This is so sad! I love this bag. But, you know, if you’re gonna charge that much money, it shouldn’t bleed. Maybe it’s a joke that Miuccia has played on all of us. Maybe it’s part of the art. Then again, it could just be poor craftsmanship. Ghetto.

    • designer.lables.lover

      what does bleed mean?

      • Britt

        it means the ink will drip off and run.

  • The update now is that the bags will not be sold until the ‘issue’ is fixed…

    • longchamp

      Ah don’t think that’s true, they are still selling the bags.

  • Jahpson

    like I said before, not worth the purchase. look at it!!

    looks like someone was bored and decide to color in the bag.

  • Lind

    the newer ones have a protectant coating on it to prevent this issue.

  • suzana

    most prada bags if not all are made in china anyways. stick with Hermes

    • hedy

      Hey you guys,pls be careful when saying “made in china” with a meaning of “poor quality”. These bags have quality problems because they do not use proper production procedure, not because they are made in china!! Respect is important, especially when you are eating, drinking, wearing, using many many things made in china! Chinese are doing their jobs, just like you!

    • Vitello

      excuse me that is a total load of rubbish. no prada bag is made in china- maybe you should do some proper research before putting out false information. in fact prada is made in italy.
      the only prada that is made in china is the fakes!!!

  • Superqueen

    I love this bag but the bleeding issue is horrible for such a pricey object :shock:

  • toh

    What you mean prada bags are made in CHINA???? As commented by Suzana :mad:

  • Gi

    They are rumoured to be made in China then “finished” in Italy…
    If you need more references, see the article by Linda Grant:,,2248591,00.html

  • danielle

    that looks like colour transfer from jeans …. maybe it’s just me or the pic isn’t clear @_@

  • LVowner

    Perhap it has something to do with the treatm,ent of coluor dye to type of leather. I used to experience this with my lambskin chanels years agoi when caught even in the stightest drizzling of rain. Chanel’s explanation was that the dye was applied to the leather from inside out which caused for “bleeding”.

    It seems the sumptious the leather, the greater the risk its inability to hold colour when wet. Maybe Prada should make a pearlised version.

  • amy

    think about it ppl.
    its on deerskin. what do you expect?
    my sister got one for her bday
    and she loves it..
    okay so it may be one persons cup of tea
    not another’s..
    you have to think of it as a work of art
    its canvas painted on DEERSKIN..and why wud u get a 2 to 3000
    dollar handbag wet? i dont let my birkin even CLOSE to water..

  • iHave3birkins=]

    all of Prada’s bags are made
    in Italy..why would you believe
    that they are made in china..
    gullible much?

  • Anne

    That is clearly a stain transferred from blue jeans. Why can’t women understand that patent/vinyl materials in white or light colors WILL DEFINITELY bleed especially if you are wearing dark coloured jeans???!!! It’s not that hard to understand. The stain in on the bottom corner where it is most likely to have contact with denim trousers or jeans.

  • drunky_krol

    lol i love this bag.. n someday im plannin 2 buy it eventhough i think its seasonal.. but i fell in love since the 1st time i saw it.. even if this issue its not fixed i would always buy it! :oops: call me crazy :!: but if they put a protective coat then more than happy of course… if the bag wasnt meant 2 bleed like some other gals here mentioned the example of the dark colored jeans..?? but if it wanst 2 bleed sum wut..then i know they could fix it 2 .. pluz like dark colored jeans they bleed at the beginnin n even u get a warnin on the inside.. but then its alright.. im sure they will manage it! :grin:

  • christy

    I don’t think Prada is made in China and finished in Italy. They are all Italian made. Why would they false Advertise such a lux brand. If your prada is made in china… Chances are it’s fake!

  • pradafan_1

    I’m totally agree with Amy, the fact that somebody leaves their bag near to water it’s just ridiculous, if you buy something so gorgeous and unique you take care of it and I don’t mean to use it less….these bag is perfect simple with a great print so TAKE CARE OF IT and prada bags are so not made in italy.

  • WendyB

    This is a good thread…good to read people’s opinions on this. I have the bag and love it but plan to use it relatively infrequently. It’s definitely not an everyday bag, IMO. I’ve been using it for going out to dinner or any time when I have to look nice, but not for schlepping around and doing errands. If there’s even the slightest chance of less-than-perfect weather, I take my old LV Alma in Epi, which is pretty much indestructible.

  • Many people that have had their bag bleed was not from jeans. The way I see it, bags are meant to be worn. You don’t want to constantly worry about a drip of water getting on it and ruining it or having to check the weather forecast everyday before you take this bag out. I can see buying it as an art piece, but I wanted to wear it. So I am off the list now.

    • Jahpson

      your so right. there is a time and place to baby our bags, but we do have lives and sometimes the last thing we need to worry about is if there is a stain on our bags every minute!!

  • WendyB

    I just talked to my saleswoman, and she told me the new bags were going to be no different and it’s just a delicate piece that can’t be gotten wet. I thought it was pretty obvious from the moment I saw it that it was a special occasion piece so I’m not too bothered. I didn’t need an explanation from Prada to know it was fragile. I wouldn’t bring a beautiful suede bag out in the rain either. It’s not a hardship to check the weather forecast since I do anyway so I’m not stuck without an umbrella! Anyway, Prada obviously didn’t know this at first and now they are warning people, but a little common sense from the user is helpful too.

  • Nicole

    I have just come off of a lengthy phone call with Carolyn from the Manhasset Boutique that accepted the return of the Purse Blogger who posted the photo we are all looking at and returned that Purse Bloggers bag. She stated the following:
    – In the whole country there have only been 2 returns she knows of other than that all the customers have been happy. She says the “problem” has been blown out of proportion. There are no plans to recall the bag because such a small return rate is not of concern.
    – All Prada stores will honor any return due to bleeding (as long as the bag has not totally been drenched in a downpour) at any time. You can buy your bag today and return it in 6 months if you have a problem. Quality is guaranteed.
    – The bag is a work of art. The color is hand injected into each area of the bag by an artisan. It is then sealed with a shiny layer that maintains the suppleness of the leather as well as sealing in the paint. However due to the fact that it is hand painted Prada recommends to not carry the bag in the rain. However when I asked if the bag would run, say, if one put it down on a wet bathroom counter she stated that it should not run and if it does it should be returned.
    -I described that I heard of these problems on the Purse Blog and that it was her customer that posted there regarding this issue. She said that she saw the bag that came in for the return, that they issued the return, and that she herself could barely notice the bleeding and was not sure that the bleeding was not already part of the design, but was happy to accommodate her customer.
    – I mentioned that another Purse Blogger said her bag ran when a child spilled juice on it. She stated she would not keep a bag of that value anywhere near small children, and that is a separate issue altogether.
    – She stated that bags produced in later rounds of production will have additional sealant on the bag but then they will also be less supple. Even so, she would not carry later production bags in the rain.
    – She recommended against the purchase of the wallet if you are planning to use it every day, which would be handled a lot more frequently and with less care. Wallets do take a beating. However if you were planning to use it only when you carried the bag etc. it would be a smart choice.
    – She said that one can focus on the one or two cases where people have had problems and forget that thousands of people have not had any issues at all. Let’s not ruin the reputation of a handbag this beautiful before we check the facts.

    – I actually think that this forum should have called Prada before putting this story on the front page.

    – In conclusion I also called Prada NY and expect a return call in the next few hours.

    Personally, I have purchased three bags and have had no problems.

  • dela

    I love this bag but now I am of the list. Living in South Florida, despite being super careful one can’t predict the unexpected rain showers.

  • Nicole

    Three Prada stores told me that any bag that is defective can be returned for a full cash refund. Only a handful of bags may run, but still don’t wear your bag in the rain. It is hand painted! If your bag is showing signs of the coated surface flaking off then it may be one of the bags affected and you may get a refund or a new bag. With a 100% guarantee, what is the concern?

    Also, wait lists are still over full. It seems only 2 or three bags were known to have been returned in the whole country.

  • HS

    Oh, wow. That’s horrible. Yeah, the bag is hand-painted but Prada should have done better job in coating the surface at the first place. I don’t think the Fairy bags come cheap either. Pheeew, Thank GOD I’m not into Prada bags :roll:.

  • Amity

    Yes, it is true! Most designer brand garments are made in China … or Mauritius or elsewhere. This includes the bags, shoes, etc.

    Now if you want a true one-of-a-kind work of art of the finest quality, commission it yourself from a small scale artisan who WILL lovingly handcraft each piece unique to the client’s wishes using the finest quality materials. That is the true meaning of “designer couture”: Custom made to your measurements, your taste, your needs.

    So-called “designer labels” are just a marketing ploy to justify paying $3K for a $200 handbag.

    If we create a market for artisanry, it will survive. If we don’t it won’t. There are only a few true artisans left. After that, everything will be made in the country with the cheapest labor.

    • hedy

      cheapest labour does not mean they are not human with carefulness!!! The labour is cheap because of economic reasons and exchange rate difference! Please respect those people who are doing their jobs just like you!!

  • Rose

    That’s terrible! I used to have a grey Prada shoulder bag that my aunt got me, and to my horror after about a month or so the metal on the clasps started to rust and the fabric suffered from weird bleeding green stains. I would assume this was due to the humidity of the weather in Malaysia. I got this bag about… 10 years ago, and I’m surprised to find out that Prada still faces these kind of problems with their latest products. I would take a picture to show you, but I gave away the bag months ago.

  • iHave3birkins=]

    they rusted cuz u ddnt take good care of it…geeze.

  • rachel Gan

    ihave3birkins – when you pay so much for a bag you don’t expect it to be THAT high maintenance!!!
    if the clasps are made of good quality stainless steel no way it would rust after a month. :p
    Just cos it’s designer doesn’t mean we should make excuses for obvious defects – the contrary really, because it’s designer we shd expect much more quality and not bleeding fabric!

  • cory

    it’s true. my fairy bag bled after i was caught in the rain. i brought it back to prada singapore (that’s where i am) and they took it back to verify with prada milan if it could be salvaged.

    today i called them and they told me to come get a 1-for-1 exchange. it seems my bag was the first batch and they all bleed when in contact with water (!!!!). but it also seems i’m the only customer to complain. they also told me that the second batch is more sturdy.

    i’m not sure if i want to get another fairy bag. think i’ll go down to prada and check out what they have….

    and it was my v day present this yr!!!

    • lilly

      Cory: Finally, a comment from someone who actually OWNS the bag and not someone wishing for it. I have been dying to hear a review from an actual bag holder: I’m getting my bag on monday and I’m a bit skeptical after reading your review I’m getting nervous b/c they won’t let me return it after 10 days and the sales girl assured me the bleeding problem was corrected. Is it that bad when it’s wet? I’m certainly not planning on wearing it in the rain but i’m human and anything can happen. What exactly happen to your bag?

  • janis

    Just too much trouble IMO! I’m sticking to J Choo!

  • Harolyn

    I so love Jimmy Choo but i have to get this handbag it’s a true Fashionista’s collectible. I am on the waiting list and i should be hearing from Holt’s by the end of the month. I CAN’T WAIT. :grin:

  • bag_addiction

    To Cory,

    I’m planning to get my fairy tomorrow and I also reside in Singapore, is it really bad when it caught the rain?
    Seeing that you got yours a month ago, do you think this month’s batch is any better?

  • Bernadett

    Some of this years Prada collection should be limited edition. How many of these Fairy bags are they making? My Gucci bomber jacket from the 2007 Runway collection was one of eight only. This bag should have been likewise.

  • Dina

    Is this why so many people have this bag discounted? To get rid of them?

  • Kendra

    I have (2) of the bags and I absolutely LOVE them!!! I haven’t had any problems with mine what-so-ever and I am rather rough on them. They are both show stoppers and I always get compliments on them.

  • DrivingMissCrazy

    Anyone who would pay that much $$$ for a handbag deserves what they get. As H.L. Mencken said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public”.

  • Liway

    If this happened to a fake Prada Fairy bag, everyone would say, ‘yea, that’s a sign of a fake!’ On the other hand, if you paid loads of money to buy a bag, this kind of thing is inexcusable.

    BUT….! If I have $2,000 to spend on a bag, I will not worry what happens to it. Why? Because it means I have a lot of money, I can buy as many designer bags as I want. Bag not good anymore? Buy another one. Easy as pie. What’s to worry?

    • Llynch826

      you know there are many of the fairy bag out there now in replica that look really good from $65 to 200 depending on where you buy from & you don’t have to worry about loosing &2000 if it gets wet I love this bag & can’t afford an origional so have been hunting online