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  • Hclubfan

    LOVE it!! Such a chic color combination!

  • Amy Dee

    Does anyone know what other colors this will be offered in? I’m really interested in cammeo.

  • This is a gorgeous bag the color is beautiful!

  • Katrina

    Lovely! Could you post pictures of the other colour combos? White won’t work for my lifestyle but I would love to see the tan ones.

    • Added an image that shows the 3 combinations that will be offered. Which is your fav?

      • Katrina

        The grey body with tan handles. Can’t wait to see it in person at BG. It’s calling my name!

      • From what I’ve been told, this bag will only be in Prada boutiques and Prada.com (I updated the post to reflect that)

      • Sparky

        The white is my fav but where I live in Asia its very dusty (lot of air pollution too) so it will get dirty fast.
        I’ll go with the grey one.

  • Nicky

    This is what Prada should be. I’m not liking a lot of their new designs. But this is cute. Minimalistic and feminine.

  • JBAG!

    Does anyone feel this is reminicent of a LV Capucine?!?

    • anon

      I don’t really think so. The double opening on a square-ish bag has always been Prada’s thing. The only design that’s similar is the flap pocket, but it’s quite different on both bags.

  • lavinia

    Stunning, this is Prada at its best. Simply, basic, beautiful :)

  • Sparky

    This is the Prada we know and love.
    (please tell them Megs!)

    • I know they’re reading this :)

    • Passerine

      I hope they read (and took to heart) the comments on the other recent Prada post!

  • Sara

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but this is a gorgeous bag! Has Prada been resuscitated? I like it.

  • Lily

    Absolutely adore the Prada Double Bag! If I ever decided to splurge on a luxury bag for work, this would be it.

    • I don’t have one yet, but especially after seeing this version, it’s officially on my list!

  • Passerine

    What color is the shoulder strap? Has Prada opted to make the strap in the contrast color or in the main color of the bag’s exterior? This is a beautiful bag.

    • Just checked with Prada, the strap is the same as the dominant color from the body of the bag.

      • Passerine

        Thanks for the fast response! Would have been nice, though, if they had made the strap the dominant color on one side and the contrasting color on the other so the wearer could choose which one to show…

      • Ya that could be nice!

  • Y Ajayi

    I very nearly got the prada double bag a couple of years ago. I don’t think these variations make me want it more either. Maybe I’m just not a fan of prada.

  • Irene

    Beautiful. I’m in love. It’s one of those bag that drew out that instant “I gotta have it” handbag lust in me. Any color if fine with me!

  • Lisa

    Beautiful — classic, understated and chic. Though would like it even more if the entire handle were in the contrasting color.

  • Grace

    I have always loved Prada and regularly carry and wear their designs. This is quite a stunning bag, but it would’ve been nice if they’d offer it in anything else than saffiano leather.

  • Sandy

    Lovely bag! This is a Prada that I would purchase!

  • FashionableLena

    I like they grey. It’s an unusual color combination. Gorgeous bag, but I don’t like bags that are divided on the inside. Were it not for that, it would be one on my wish list.

  • Smithy

    Haven’t purchased a Prada bag since the heyday of the 90’s and the nylon collection….but this…..this may just change my mind. Gorgeous bags.

  • Vicky

    The color is nice combo, but the closeup is quite a harsh exposure on the craftsmanship. I’d prefer the inside bag over this bag. (If it’s on a steep discount, of course.)

  • Oh wow it’s absolutely beautiful! So so chic! I love it in that colour too. x

  • I have the caramel but these bi-colors are even more gorgeous! Definitely digging the grey, it’s just so elegant!

  • Judge & Jury

    If at first you fail (Inside Bag), try, try again (Double Bag).

  • lulilu

    Did I miss the measurements? Very nice,

  • I love the bicolor and the Saffiani is such a beautiful, classic bag. I would prefer one that isn’t divided myself for bigger items I might need to toss into it.

  • The ridiculous greedy girl in me wants all three. The rational lady in me will admire from afar and be happy with the blue/red original that she already has….sigh…

  • Rashmi

    I have the Double bag in Cameo and even though I have not yet carried it, I’ve found myself staring at it in awe last week, to be precise :) I simply love the design and now these color combos are very simple and elegant and nothing over the top! Good job Prada! Well done!!

  • LC

    i am digging the grey.

  • Jacqueline Yee

    What a nice classy bag. Plus I love that they made the handles dark where they get the most use. The one they sent you is my favorite by far. Nothing like a timeless bag. This one in my opinion is something I would keep and use for a lifetime but only in warmer months. Good job Prada!

  • Antonia

    Wow Megs, this Prada bag is TDF! Nobody does saffiano better than Prada! I love the minimalist look to this bag.

  • Ces

    Prada has had a lot of manufacturing defects. The double bag I got earlier this year fell apart after two weeks of very very careful use. The Prada store admitted they’ve been having problems with many customers. Shame because this would have been my perfect office bag.