Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag

My penchant for Prada has taken a significant upturn, mainly thanks to Scandal’s Olivia Pope. Liv dresses so elegantly yet always looks comfortable, and this combination is ideal to me. Her accessory game is spot-on, always relying on classic beauties, and her preference for Prada has caught the eyes of many handbag lovers.

I wasn’t able to get behind the Prada face bags, but the Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag, provides a stunningly timeless design, all the way down to Prada’s signature saffiano leather and inverted triangle logo.

This bag contains two compartments, which are separated by a center snap-flap pocket that resembles an envelope clutch. The double bag pulls in each compartment at the center, which adds a bit of dimensionality to the otherwise simple design. The bag comes in a variety of colors, from classic black to tan to an electric yellow. Buy for $2,650 via Bergdorf Goodman.

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  • Petra B.

    Love the contrast interior and the amazing colors. I’m still pretty attached to a shoulder strap and I wish this bag had it :/

    • Jesica

      I agree! A shoulder strap would make this bag perfect. That’s a must have feature for me in any workhorse bag.

      • wendyo123

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      • Megs Mahoney Dusil

        I ALWAYS look for a shoulder strap too

      • louch

        It doesn’t have a shoulder strap???? What an oversight :)

      • shueaddict

        Actually it does .. I saw this bag in pale blue and dark green last week and fell in love. The position of the shoulder strap is not ideal (on the inside of the bag, where the handles connect).
        Nevertheless, it’s a stunner.

      • doudoufeiyu

        maybe you can contact me. I have a shop sell these bags

  • Sandra

    I do like the bag…the color contrast adds a lot to the simple design.

  • Iram

    Such a pretty bag!

  • Kate

    Love the bag, just wish it was a tad smaller.

  • casey

    very pretty. kinda reminds me of hermes garden party ttpm

  • Celine

    The Prada Kalakaua store in Honolulu has the smaller size (only size they carry though) and the new version of it with the removable cross body adjustable shoulder strap! The SA told me the first month it was released it didn’t come with a shoulder strap and Hawaii exclusive price was $2400 for the smaller size, the smaller size w/ strap is $2580 (I think)! Loveeeeee mine in bluette and fuoco,

  • Joshua

    I hope Prada will join the personalization bandwagon for this model. They have it for their simple nylon models, but for this it would be cool! Like you get to pick the color of the handles, luggage tag (initials embossing too), interior color and pouch. Now that would push me to save up for one.

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      Would be amazing and make it more competitive with the Fendi 2Jours etc

  • cee

    is the prada e-store the only place to have the larger size of this bag?? price is $2800 and it’s about an inch longer from side to side per prada’s measurements. can’t find it anywhere online, just the small version for $2650

  • jsmith0824

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  • sunny hui

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