Prada and Scarlett Johansson Celebrate the Iconic Prada Galleria

It's more than just a bag...

Few bags feel as quintessentially Prada as the Galleria, which perfectly encompasses everything in which Prada’s DNA is rooted. From its expertly designed silhouette and timeless shape to its beautiful but sturdy Saffiano leather, the Galleria truly reflects Prada’s ethos.

Introduced in 2007, the Galleria is one of those rare bags that felt like a timeless classic from the minute it hit the scene. It feels like it has been around for far longer, and much of that appeal is due to Prada’s historic House codes and overall design DNA, which the Galleria oozes.

A Classic Reinvigorated

The Galleria’s popularity shows no signs of slowing, and each season, it’s given new life with additional colors, sizes, and details. Rooted in history, the bag gets its name from the “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II,” where Mario Prada opened his first store in Milan.

This season, a chic new Galleria is introduced, and Prada is celebrating with a new campaign starring world-renowned actor Scarlett Johansson, who has partnered with the House in the past. Melding two worlds, the campaign explores the Galleria as more than just a product, but a tool of life, part of one’s daily wardrobe.

Set in New York, the campaign showcases Johansson working as an actor, honing her craft, and going from work to reality, all with the Galleria in tow. This dichotomy is a quintessential part of Prada’s DNA. The new Prada Galleria in Studded Leather is showcased, an exemplary representation of Prada’s craft.

Combining the elegant and versatile shape of the classic Galleria with bold style and sophisticated design, the bag comprises over 80 separate pieces assembled by hand with mini studs applied on top of the leather. The studded details add character and put a unique spin on a forever classic.

Discover more and shop the full range of the Galleria via Prada.

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