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  • missarewa

    nah, I don’t see any of these bags helping with their sales. at least not from me. what Prada needs to do is work on the quality of their bags, since creativity is clearly lacking. quality will be the key to them selling many many of the same type of bag (saffiano totes) and keep their investors happy!

  • realitytvjunkie

    Dear Prada, stop making “Italian” bags in China. Sincerely, everyone.

    • leesgray

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    • Lina Lee

      I didn’t know that Prada makes her bags in China! Really? Please tell me how did you know about that info? Thank you. I hate buying Leather goods are made in China! It is like a nightmare. I am against animal cruelty of course.

      • realitytvjunkie

        Yes Prada bags are made in China. You can head over to the purseforums from this site and browse the Prada sub-forums. Many users show pictures of hte “made in china” tags in their bags. THere is also a lengthy discussion about Prada bags being made in China. Hope this is helpful!

      • Lina Lee

        I’m sorry to bother you. But can you tell me is just Prada made in China or even some other high-end brands are too? For an example: Bottega Veneta, Chanel, L.V and Balenciaga, I hope not!
        Really thank you for your time.

      • realitytvjunkie

        I’m not sure, and I don’t think so! Louis Vuitton – I am positive they don’t manufacture in China. Although, their bags are not solely made in France anymore. They also manufacture in Spain and USA.

      • Lina Lee

        I’m guessing all the brands that I mentioned are not made in China! I don’t think so. I don’t think Bottega Veneta can do that.

      • Guest

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  • T Tara Bagnista

    I agree that these bags really won’t do much for Prada’s sales. I am a fan, though, of Saffiano totes (have two).

  • laura

    not pretty enough to help the brand. The bags look cheap and very poorly constructed. I’m sorry Prada, try again next season!

    • Linda Toyat

      I agree. I want to get Prada but made in China thingy really turned me off. And it is not pretty too. Why is it so ugly?

  • kindled

    Surprised their sales are down–I see the executive totes everywhere.

    • deedee

      Or extremely good knockoffs of them.

  • FashionableLena

    Unfortunately, some of the bags look cheap and like so many that have been seen from second tier designers at lower prices. Truth be told, I’ve been scouring the internet for the nylon bags to add to my collection. Nothing they have been doing currently has sparked my interest.

  • PJGambler

    Actually, a few of the top handles with zippers in multi-colors or two-tones caught my eye–usually Prada’s bags strike me as matronly (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) But, when bags are priced over $2500, women get more selective, and not sure if these have enough of the va va voom to create a stir.

  • alexa

    Most of these look like the cheap bags Guess has been churning out for years. Prada really needs to step up and do something cool/original like how the Fairy bags were.

  • Lori

    Spring 2015? Really? Looks like Winter to me. They are all way too masculine and busy.

  • Gia

    Beige, black, and boring.
    I bought a Prada…once.
    Sold it.
    Loyal Chanel and LV fan.

  • Grace

    Actually, these bags aren’t knock offs from any other brand: just take a look at some of Prada’s older styles from the early to mid 2000’s (i.e. the Sound bag et al). I’ve always loved Prada and am very happy to see them return to some of the old favourites and update them a bit/splash some 70’s on them. Love!!!!

  • Renee

    Really looks like zero effort was put in creating any of these pieces. Let’s just rely on the label to bring all the draw and who cares if it’s bulky, boxy, and just depressing to look at. Ugh. Love the saffiano totes though!

  • Melinda


  • Suzanne

    i hope the sales are so bad the prices go down so i can buy one :)

  • Sandy

    A few months ago, I bought the Prada WOC.. and after using it barely for 6 months the leather is expanding, stretching……I did not spend $700 to get something of this quality…. I was saving up to get the Saffiano Lux but ended up using that money to buy the Gucci bamboo shopper…….. never buying from Prada ever again

  • Shavonne

    I like Prada, but I don’t find very many of these bags particularly engaging. I mean they are nice of course, but not that interesting to me.

  • bexx

    dang r those things ugly. XD

  • GLB

    They have two things to fix: design and quality. I recently went to their Calgary holtrenfrew store to get the pyramid bag but didn’t have the color I want so got a multi wallet in peony pink. I wanted to try a prada so I disregarded the glue residue here and there. I should have checked closely as 4 months later I noticed loose stitching in three places and a small rip/tear on the leather, which also showed in the pictures I took on the day of purchase. This suggests that was the original condition of the wallet. This is ridiculous. Never buying from them again.

  • Clair Bullard

    I disagree with the below comments. I absolutely love the new Prada bags. I fact I want to find a reason not to get another Prada purse. I purchased both an LV and a Prada at the same time and the LV already isn’t wearing well but the Prada looks brand new after 7 mos. I’m now looking for a smaller bag and I keep going back to the Sound, it is made from Saffiano leather and will wear well. In addition the Sound has both detachable straps and a handle, very efficient and a beautiful, simple look that doesn’t scream a brand name. When I am looking at spending $2k and up, I want a bag to be useable and last. Prada in my opinion does that.