Gucci Dog Backpack

My dearest Gucci,

As the owner of a dog I must say that your little contraption, the Gucci Dog Backpack, is not only pointless but plain stupid. Last time I checked my dog has no accessories to carry around with him, rolls in dirt, slobbers, uses his tongue as a washcloth, and eats other dogs ‘excretions’ if you will. Why on Earth does he need a backpack? Let me think it through.

Option 1) to carry treats around you may argue. Well really? My dog will eat anything, I mean anything. Give him metal, he will eat it, glasses, excretions, asparagus, and his own vomit. So seeing that dogs have a very strong sense of smell, placing a backpack on him that carries threats would inevitably have him contort his body, roll around non stop, bite, bark, and squeal until he got that bag near his mouth. He would then proceed to eat the classic GG nylon fabric, brown leather trim, and side-zip pockets until he found the treat.

Option 2) To carry his own accessories in it. Ok I did not buy one of those cute huskies from 8 Below. My dog lies in the sun and walks around the neighborhood. Is there anything so important that he will need that for? I will go out on a limb here, but I bet my dog is like most others- he is not a working dog, he is a pet.

Option 3) To make him the trendiest dog on the block. Erhmm, does he even see color? Does he need to know that there is red and green webbing on his backpack that so perfectly rests on only one side of his body? Afraid not.

For $410 (via Gucci) I think I will pass because all of the options above for why this dog backpack was even needed to be made have failed to ring a bell in my mind.

Sincerely Yours,

Purse Blog

P.S. If you really think this is the best invention ever, can you at least make it to fit larger sized dogs? I would hate for Nitro to think you have excluded him.

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