Gucci Dog Backpack

My dearest Gucci,

As the owner of a dog I must say that your little contraption, the Gucci Dog Backpack, is not only pointless but plain stupid. Last time I checked my dog has no accessories to carry around with him, rolls in dirt, slobbers, uses his tongue as a washcloth, and eats other dogs ‘excretions’ if you will. Why on Earth does he need a backpack? Let me think it through.

Option 1) to carry treats around you may argue. Well really? My dog will eat anything, I mean anything. Give him metal, he will eat it, glasses, excretions, asparagus, and his own vomit. So seeing that dogs have a very strong sense of smell, placing a backpack on him that carries threats would inevitably have him contort his body, roll around non stop, bite, bark, and squeal until he got that bag near his mouth. He would then proceed to eat the classic GG nylon fabric, brown leather trim, and side-zip pockets until he found the treat.

Option 2) To carry his own accessories in it. Ok I did not buy one of those cute huskies from 8 Below. My dog lies in the sun and walks around the neighborhood. Is there anything so important that he will need that for? I will go out on a limb here, but I bet my dog is like most others- he is not a working dog, he is a pet.

Option 3) To make him the trendiest dog on the block. Erhmm, does he even see color? Does he need to know that there is red and green webbing on his backpack that so perfectly rests on only one side of his body? Afraid not.

For $410 (via Gucci) I think I will pass because all of the options above for why this dog backpack was even needed to be made have failed to ring a bell in my mind.

Sincerely Yours,

Purse Blog

P.S. If you really think this is the best invention ever, can you at least make it to fit larger sized dogs? I would hate for Nitro to think you have excluded him.

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  • fashion in the making

    pity that’s what happens when designer don’t have no more ideas or talent

  • LilLady

    my dogs would prefer beef instead

  • TK

    I wonder if there’s any way a human could wear that thing?

  • Curtis

    Sometime, people just want to do stupid shit for their dog, is that a crime? frankly, I do agree with the blogger; it’s just plain stupid.

  • Alice

    pity that’s what happens when designer don’t have no more ideas or talent

    I totally agree!!!

    • Lisa Zaring

      Ok personally I think you guys are all over-analyzing this way too much. To say “pity that’s what happens when designer don’t have no more ideas or talent” is not only poorly written with grammar mistakes and double negatives, but also is just plain preposterous. To accuse Gucci designer of not having talent is like accusing ice cream of tasting gross. It’s obscene, rude, and completely untrue for this person to make such an ignorant accusation. The dog backpack is supposed to be fun. Everyone needs to fuckin lighten up!

  • Milly Anderson

    I wonder if I should get that for my dog. I don’t have a dog though. Ha! But whatever. =)

  • Eero

    Hello everyone!

    I think the bag is okay! I don’t have a dog, but I already have a bag! It’s really nice. Why do You all hate it? Or Your dogs do? Gucci is cool, and all who wear it are! Can You recommend any other designer, who deals with dog’s apparel and stuff?
    Thanx to all!

  • Marian

    Practical thing, then my hairless, can have her goodies, with her, when we travel. I have a belt bag and are going to sow it so it fits her. :)
    And it weighs nothing. she need clothes outside and i just asked her to try, she enjoy trying the bag:)

  • suki

    lets just say that you used the bag for your dogs goodies, how do u suppose he is gonna open it?

    this bag is for trailer trash, dumb-blondes and people who try to become famous by flinging themselves at t0he crowd like paris hilton.

  • Jonathan Spooner

    This is perfect for my pooch to tote my forbidden cigarettes. That way I never get busted for not completely “quitting” and a smooth refreshing smoke is only a leash-length away.

    Word to Purse Blog for speaking the truth as the big label brands have been falling asleep on the job when it comes to dog items.

    if you want more info on cool dog stuff stop on by PupStyle for a click or two.

  • Roxana

    I got a ‘bag’ similar to this one for my little dog a while ago. Although it wasn’t an all too serious gift, it is completely useless :) Like I’m ever gonna let my little italian greyhound walk around with a bag! Poor thing. When we put it on him he put his ears backwards and looked sooooo miserable, like he was gonna say “Why?? What did I do wrong??!!”
    It is a funny concept though, but maybe for big dogs and only if you go hiking or something.. :roll:

  • lee

    I’m not sure about this concept. I think i’d get jeleous and want my OWN Gucci! LOL

  • Leticia

    I’ve been looking for a little dog back pack. And, I believe that Gucci has a leading-edge vision. I saw an episode on dog back packs on the Dog Whisperer, and now I want one for my dog.

  • tintin

    Oh, I think one great reason for me to buy this bag would be a very expensive chewing toy for my 4-legged kids. Really, $410.00 that is a lot of treat there…

  • Anante

    As a hungry child in Africa, I feel so bad that a dog should carry a bag worth £410 when even half that money would care for my needs and those of my family for a very long time!

  • charmed girl

    i totally agree with the comment above me and plus i think its supposed to humiliate the dog and i think its cruel

  • Terry

    Okay, just for Lisa Zaring:

    Pity, this is what happens when a desperate, untalented designer overreaches their limited repertoire and runs out of ideas. Does that sound high-falutin’ enough for you.

    If you want to buy a back pack to enhance the exercise intensity of you dog’s walk, then go to PetCo, or some place like that and buy doggy saddlebags for around $40 not $400 and leave Gucci for Paris Hilton and Lisa Zsa Zsa.

  • LazyD

    It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and some of you people need to understand that. Some people like to bling up their dogs, give them the best food, take them to the design dog barbers, give them fancy haircuts, buy them fancy clothes… do the dogs really know the difference.. I suppose not enough to make it significant. You must understand that designer bags or items are normally bought by people for show, to impress other people, to give themselves a sense of status. The bag may seem pretty useless on a dog but I’m sure if you saw a little dog walking down the street with a Gucci bag it will turn some heads and that is maybe all the owner is looking to do.

    As for you people with dogs that like to eat other dog’s excretions or roll in mud maybe you should invest your money in some professional training and clearly this bag probably isn’t for you but that doesn’t make the designer stupid or running out of ideas…. I don’t think you have much of an idea of how big the dog accessories and cosmetics industry is in places like Asia and other parts of the world and you aren’t very aware of how much money people are willing to spend on making their dogs look good or not.

  • teknerd122

    If this had another pack on the other side, it would be PERFECT. Doggy saddlebags are common and are usually filled with little weights. Carrying these things around give dogs a sense of accomplishment. I’m not sure if this is the case for all dogs, but it is for ‘work dogs.’ Breeds like Pomeranians, which are essentially sled dogs that have been bred down, love carrying packs. These packs, which place all of the weight on one side of the dog, may not be ideal. Like I said: Gucci needs to add another one to the other side.

  • megan

    o my. this is a really stupid idea for a bag. if this was my dog with a doggy gucci saddlebag like this, my 410 bucks would go down in dispare! because it’d get chewed up, peed on, and or buried in the dirt!

  • Alicia

    this is soooo cute! if i have a dog, i would totally buy this bag!

  • Nat

    if i hated it more it would be bad for my health.

  • Naggy

    This is a cute idea but I wouldn’t want to make my dog carry/wear such a thing. (ipad)