I’m currently having something of a love affair with champagne. Because I’m trying to watch my sugar intake, it’s often the beverage I end up ordering at brunch or picking up at parties because it doesn’t require a mixer to be delicious, and now I’m full-on obsessed. Although I’m hardly a wine connoisseur, I feel as though I’ve refined my champagne palate to a point where I can tell the difference between the good stuff and the cheap stuff. That means I’m ready for the Sarah’s Bag Chic Champagne Quilted Shoulder Bag.

I still can’t decide exactly how I feel about this bag, but the gold-plated brass champagne cork that adorns the front certainly telegraphs a particular message – that you’ve arrived and you’re ready to throw back a couple of flutes of bubbly. That’s a message in which I’m always in favor, so even though it feels a little bit random on the otherwise Miu Miu-reminiscent quilted shoulder bag, I can’t be mad at it. After all, a handbag that puts in your drink order on your behalf is quite the innovation. Buy through My Beautiful Dressing for €400.

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9 years ago

Amanda, what’s your fave bubbly? I have a huge soft spot for pink Moet.
Love the bag BTW, it is nice when you come up with hidden little gems like this.

GG Pastel