Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Moschino has made yet another weird accessory that looks like something other than what it is. (It is a bag.)

This time, the weirdness is brought to us by way of the Moschino Denim Overall Backpack, which is such a bluntly descriptive name that it almost feels brilliant, in sort of a droll way. It is, for better or worse, exactly what it sounds like.

Overalls, as apparel, seem stubbornly destined to stick around for the summer as a trend, and Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott never met a trend that he couldn’t poke fun at via an expensive luxury accessory. For $995, you can either let everyone know that you’re really in on the joke or not in on it at all, depending on your perspective. Scott’s Moschino is a brand that thrives at both extremes.

Would you ever strap this thing to your back? If yes, pick yours up through Shopbop for $995. Hurry, though–there are only two left.

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  • L.O.

    Jeremy Scott is on fire. Loved him from way back when on his Adidas collection. Good for him.

  • DB

    LEAVE!!!!!!! As fast as possible!

  • FashionableLena

    Cute but it still reminds me of the Chanel Girl bag. All I keep seeing is mall kiosk/ghetto flea market.

    • Dylan Propst

      Actually – and shockingly – Chanel copied the Girl bag from Moschino. Both of them are gross, though. I hate overalls and I hate denim (besides jeans).

  • Lina Lee

    Leave it.

  • Me

    Cute…but they probably should’ve just left it as a pair of baby’s overalls. lol.

    • Andy Thomas

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  • Y Ajayi


  • Courtney McAlexander

    That’s terrifying.

  • dinabobina

    I can’t stop laughing, I can picture a dolls head peaking out of the top!
    too silly!

  • Cbl

    Burn it.

  • VividTexas

    nope. no. no thanks. no way. no bueno. yuck.

  • PrettyMeka08

    Leave it & never look back!

    • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

      But don’t forget to set it in fire just in case it wants to follow you home

      • PrettyMeka08


  • monique

    Love it but not for that price tag


    I think it’s ugly. I rather buy a pair of louboutins.

  • Tured1990

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  • Jerri R

    Honey Boo Boo all the way.