If there’s something Dolce & Gabbana loves reliably, it’s a literal fashion homage to something overtly Italian, and for Fall 2015, the duo’s chosen target is the traditional Italian mother. Not only did they have pregnant models walk the runway in several looks, but they’ve emblazoned a series of bags with mom cartoons, some of them rendered in sequins and embroidery.

We all made cute drawings of our moms when we were kids, and the vast majority of them are stowed in folders or plastic tubs somewhere in our parents’ attics or under our childhood beds, if they’re around at all. One such drawing, though, has been immortalized on the bag you see above, which will run you $2,995 via Net-a-Porter.

I’m all for celebrating moms (mine is great, and so was hers), but this seems like a ham-fisted way to celebrate them, particularly when moms are the ones theoretically shelling out three grand for the bags. Not to mention, of course, that the duo made some insensitive public comments about non-traditional motherhood shortly after unveiling the collection. It all makes the tone of the bags seem a little weird.

Are you into these bags, or do they miss the mark? Let us know in the comments.

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  • StargazerSpider

    The design is too all over the place for my taste — too spaced out, where it seems like a bunch of different stickers were haphazardly plastered on. I suppose that may, in fact, have been the very reasoning behind the design, but nah, definitely doesn’t do it for me.

    Actually — and I grudgingly admit this — a bag I really liked that was “mommy themed” was the custom-made Hermes Kelly that Kim K received from Kanye sometime last year, which was painted in “kid drawing” theme and with what were supposedly North West’s handprints. It was a fun thing to see on what is normally such a sophisticated bag.

    (I attached a pic to the bag to this post)


    • Yuri J Kim

      It’s a Hermes Herbag, which is considerably cheaper than the Kelly. I like it too!

      • StargazerSpider

        Oh, I didn’t realize. Thanks for the correction! ^_^

  • AAAA

    Why would someone pay $3000 for that!?! If you want to spend $3000 on a bag there are so many better, high-quality, timeless bags that you could purchase. Sometimes it seems as if designers understand how ridiculous the luxury market is (i.e. the fact that we are willing to pay $3000 on a handbag in the first place) and they are just making fun of us by creating something like this. I’m sure a blogger will be seen carrying this bag, but it will only be because they gave it to her.

  • Sandy

    Awful…I would not carry it if they gave it to me.


    Cute bag :)

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    Maria V.

  • Smithy


  • FashionableLena

    I like the bag, but I would love it if the sequined writing were not there. A sun would work better

    I still wouldn’t pay $3000 for it.

  • Lina Lee

    I Love my mom <3 ! But this bag I will say leave it!!!

  • Irene


  • Lyssia

    I’d rather buy a nice bag and have my kids paint it themselves, so much more meaniful.

  • Jerri R

    I would not shell out three grand for a Michaels’ project, thank you very much.

  • Lisa

    I love the design, and I would buy the bag. Mothers, and being a mother, is worth celebrating. But the bag also adds colour and fun.
    It is interesting that you chose to highlight their ‘insensitive public comments’ when really all they said was they loved their own mothers, and can’t imagine having to be raised without them. As gay men, they are full blown stake holders in the debate and have every right to their own opinion.

    • I’m not particularly interested in their comments either way, but in situations like this, as a writer, you either mention it or people get mad that you didn’t.

  • shopper

    For a novelty? $50, MAX!

  • Dylan Propst

    I think this would be better if it had the drawing on the lining and the outside of the bag was plain. Kind of a special thing for the mom, you know?

  • Elisa