Hermes gets credit for a lot of things – being expensive, being luxurious, being exclusive – but I don’t think the French brand gets its due for being witty. In fact, that’s always been my favorite thing about Hermes; for all the ways that the company takes itself extremely seriously, every now and then, the designers behind the world’s most coveted luxury goods show their senses of humor. And have you seen anything more sly and clever today than the Hermes Apple Bag? It seems as though this bag dates back a few years, but this is the first time any of us have seen it.

Handbags have a long history as dedicated food-movers – remember, the Louis Vuitton Noe famously started out its life as a vessel for bottles of champagne. In accordance with the times, which call for diminutive handbags with long straps, Hermes has answered with an apple bag that will surely keep the doctor away. (Har har, bad joke, I know. It’s Friday.)

Because Hermes is all about details, though, this isn’t just a bag to carry your afternoon snack in the most stylish and expensive way possible. Nay nay, it also comes with a knife holder, just in case you’d like to cut up your apple and share it with your coworkers. (The horn-handled knife shown above might be sold separately, we’re unable to confirm.) Afraid of making a mess in your new apple bag? Fret not, it’s lined in metal to keep the crisp green leather as pristine as it can be. And even if the bag is a tad, err, activity-specific, for an Hermes piece, the price isn’t half bad. It’s yours for $365 via Hermes. Personally, I’d like to see a bag made in he shape of a chicken salad sandwich.

[Image via Nylon Magazine]

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