We already gave you our picks for which handbag you should be giving mom for Mother’s Day, but what do you get for the mom whose handbag closet is already stacked with every bag she could ever want? Or the mom who would feel guilty accepting a four-figure gift? Or the mom who thinks half the fun of handbags is hunting down the perfect one, stalking her prey and then going in for the kill/purchase herself? (Note: I will be that mother, should I ever spawn.)

If any of those women sounds like your mother, we have a few suggestions. The first, of course, is to order (RUSH order, at this point) some Celine Luggage Tote Cookies from Peapods Cookies, which is owned by an extremely talented PurseForum member. If your mom prefers chocolates or cake to cookies, fret not; it seems as though everything can be made in the shape of a handbag these days.

First up for the chocolate lovers (which would be my mom), we have the Jacques Torres Mr. Chocolate Purses. They come in three colors, although I think Mr. Torres is missing an opportunity by not making these darling little things in pink or purple. THe molds are exclusive to Torres’ New York store, and once molded, the chocolate is hand-painted to resemble a bag in the vein of the Chanel Classic Flap. Unfortunately, Torres won’t ship these purses because of their fragility, so this idea is for New Yorkers only – they can only be purchased at the Mr. Chocolate boutique on Hudson Street. If you have a local chocolate shop, though, it might be able to put its own spin on the idea.

On the other hand, if you need something that can be shipped, the Neiman Marcus Zebra Striped Handbag Cake is here to save Mother’s Day. On the inside, you’ll find chocolate lake layered with caramel toffee and chocolate buttercream, which is pretty much the greatest thing you can ever hope to find inside a handbag. Unless it’s in your actual handbag, I guess, in which case I’d advise you to stop drinking so heavily, because this is why you can’t have nice things. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $235.

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