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Fendi Artist Baguette

Fendi Artist Baguette
Fendi Artist Baguette

This is the handbag that keeps on giving. Apparently the designers at Fendi decided they were completely out of ideas and thought it would be genius to give you a blank bag to let you scribble all over it. And there you have the Fendi Artist Baguette, the do-it-yourself handbag that allows you to paint all over the white canvas with markers. Markers? Not even chic paints? No, of course not paints, not any material that would give an artist a way to possibly design a better bag than Fendi could come up with themselves. You know, I like this idea. The idea is great for the family that has so much money little Suzie would love to color on a designer purse for her 5th birthday. I got a coloring book for my 5th birthday, but little Suzie, the heiress to the post-it dynasty, would love a blank Fendi bag. I find it humorous that Fendi credits their success to three main factors- creativity, technology, and craftsmanship. Creativity, really? Oh ok I did not realize this blank white bag with markers is a creative idea. The only person left to be creative is the buyer, who already has to front over a thousand dollars for this bag. But this idea could be loved by our artistic-minded handbag lovers out there. The important thing is that I do not get one of these bags myself. The artistic gene skipped a generation when it comes to hands-on-arts-and-crafts, so unless I want to look like I am stuck in the 1st grade, I better steer clear of this handbag. Pre-order through Saks for $1,300.


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