I frequently rant in this space about designers who overprice bags made from materials other than leather; it’s one of my personal pet peeves in the accessories world and a trap that consumers fall into too often. And yet, against my better judgment (for several reasons), I find my interest piqued by the Delvaux Brillant MM. It’s just so…red. And also, clear.

This bag first caught my attention at another brand’s preview, where it was being carried by one of the attendees. (I think it was Natalie Joos, but because the bag was separated from its owner at the time I noticed it, I can’t swear.) Something about the traditional, ladylike shape juxtaposed with the modern, kitschy material really intrigues me, as well as the fact that it’s such a huge aesthetic departure for the historic Belgian leather goods brand.

Did you know that Delvaux is the oldest still-operating leather goods designer in the world? I didn’t, although I knew that it was quite historic. As it turns out, Charles Delvaux started making trunks in 1829, and the brand persists to this day. That kind of heritage usually means that a brand’s products are somewhat “traditional” (you can view that as a euphemism if you’d like), which is definitely true of Delvaux – its bags are the kind that you’d imagine a wealthy, incredibly elegant older woman would always have on her arm.

I think that’s part of what draws me to this bag, which uses an ages-old Delvaux shape but reinvents it in a very cheeky way. Brands who are willing to take themselves a little less seriously than you’d assume always attract my admiration, and with a few fun small accessories to put inside it, I’d love to carry this bag as a novelty piece. Just not for the price. Buy through Barneys for $750.

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  • 19yearslater

    It’s beautiful, I’d love to carry it. I wouldn’t, either, for the price, but it is pretty great. It’s the first vinyl bag I’ve been interested in since middle school, when I thought that my vinyl backpack revealing that I read Cosmo Girl made me look pretty cool.

  • KoutureCrochet

    Nope. Too much money maybe I would spend $50-$100 but you can get a very nice LV for $750

    • Jeloi

      I was thinking along the same lines with the price, shocked to see 750.00

  • gpc

    I agree with you Amanda that it was great for Delvaux to not take itself so seriously, but if you are going to buy a Delvaux bag, go for a leather on.  I have one and they are beyond exquisite!  

  • it´s pretty but i actually like more the 2 kellys from hermès also in vinyl 

  • The design is beautiful and that color is amazing with the shape, but I don’t think I would get this. Maybe in patent.

  • Jadkins808

    Thats very nice.  We are sellilng reversible denim jean purses.  They are sew cute  http://www.sewcutepurses.com

  • Pretty!

  • michelle

    Delvaux makes this bag in all leather.  A departure of materials…not style!

  • nice bag but i think the price tag is very high

  • NotHappy

    love! Wish I could afford it or have somewhere fancy to carry it. :)

  • Mona

    I love that you are covering Delvaux here! I’ve been collecting that brand (well, collecting is saying a bit much since it is verrry expensive…) for years! Each time I go to Belgium (at least once a year) I try to get something from them, even if only something small.

  • Delvaux is rather traditional in style, except for this bag maybe. They are top quality however. But you can get some other nice Belgian bags for more reasonable prices as well… Check out my blog: threekissesfrombelgium.wordpress.com ;)